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Ad030 Non Toxic Ultrasonic Pest Repeller With Night Light Switch Promotion

Experience the most powerful ultrasonic pest repeller in play

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Ad030 Non Toxic Ultrasonic Pest Repeller With Night Light Switch

EXPERIENCE THE MOST POWERFUL ULTRASONIC PEST REPELLER IN PLAY Pest Control with a Conscience Getting rid of rodents and insects doesn't have to be an inhumane affair anymore. Our ultrasonic pest repeller eliminates all the creepy-crawlies from your home or office by exposing them to a super low frequency of 22-55 kHz that effectively gets them packing without leaving a mess behind. So now you'll be able to handle that mouse & rat problem without dealing with bloody traps, get rid of flies without all the splatter, and eliminate roaches & spiders without that eeky chill up your spine! (Please don't use around hamsters or rodent-like pets) Designed for Durability We're all about treating you to quality you simply can't find elsewhere. And this sonic pest repeller is perfect proof of this. It's manufactured in an ISO certified facility, designed to conform to international safety standards, and fitted with the latest in ultrasonic technology. And that's why we've backed it with a hard-to-find lifetime warranty. It's simple: if it breaks, we'll replace. Get vermin off your premises knowing that we've fully got your back. Here's what makes this ultrasonic pest repeller a cut above the rest: - Covers an unmatched area of up to 1600 square feet. - Fitted with an independent on/off switch to control the night light. - Low power consumption of 6-8W greatly saves on electricity costs. - Comes in various packs at an unbeatable price to give you great value for money. Make pest control a simple, safe, and cost-effective affair with our environmentally friendly ultrasonic rodent and insect repeller.