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Action Camera Promotion

Do you want to record the moment when you are Bugee Jumping, sky diving, surfing? This is the right product for you to record the exciting and wonderful moment. Get it right now!

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Action Camera

✓ Wireless controls, share wonderful moments at any time,
✓ With built-in WIFI, you can connect it to the "ELE-CAM" APP in your phone
✓ High color rendition,16MP for fine capturing dynamic,1080p FHD video recording and image freeze-frame at 60 frames per second bring you clear and vivid quality
✓ 2.0-inch HD color screen with highest video resolution
✓ The camera which can take high resolution and high frame rate video as well as has many powerful functions.
✓ 170° HD visual wide angle, With 170° wide angle which ensures excellent shoot vision and retains more realistic scene, it captures immersive wide-angle view.
✓ Built-In WiFi + Bluetooth: Delivers enhanced connectivity to the "ELE-CAM" App, Smart Remote