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AccMart Toddler Baby Night Light Promotion

Accmart Creative desk lamp or night light for your home decor.

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AccMart Toddler Baby Night Light

Accmart Creative desk lamp or night light for your home decor
• G-sensor technology
• Low power consumption
• 12 LED chips as light source
• Built-in 450mAh lithium battery
• Material: ABS and HIPS
• Dimensions: 190mm x 79mm x 96mm
• Weight: 200g
• Input voltage: DC5V-500mA
• Light color: White

• Do not attempt to disassemble, repair or refit the product. 
• Do not leave lamp wet or use the lamp with wet hands. 
• If an exception occurs, discontinue use. 
• Product has a ball switch inside, please allow abnormal sound when use.

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Accmart Creative Desk Lamp Or Night Light For Your Home Decor • G-sensor Technology • Low Power Consumption • 12 LED Chips As Light Source • Built-in 450mAh Lithium Battery • Material: ABS And HIPS • Dimensions: 190mm X 79mm X 96mm • Weight: 200g • Input Vo...
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Https:// This Light Is Great For Children And Those Adults (like Myself) That Pride Themselves On Remaining A Kid At Heart! The Light, As The Product Description States Can Be Switched On And Off By Simply Tilting It From One Side To The Other. Also, The Uniqueness Of This Light Causes Lots Of People To Want To Touch, And Test It Out—or At Least My Friends Seemed Fairly Amused By Its Function And Appearance. Personally, I Use This Light On My Nightstand Since It Does Not Require Use Of A Light Switch. I Have Had Night Lamps With Switches In The Past, And Invariably I End Up Knocking The Light Off My Nightstand When I Search For The Switch In The Dark. Having This Light Is Much Easier, And I No Longer Have To Worry About Knocking The Light Off The Stand In The Middle Of The Night. TWO BRIGHTNESS SETTINGS: This Light Has Two Different Brightness Settings. This Feature Is Great If You Intend To Use It As A Nightlight, Or Simply Want A Less Bright Light As You Are Getting Ready For Bed. USB CHARGER CABLE: This Light Operates Off A Cable That Has A USB 3.0 Output. The Charger Can Be Detached From The Light; This Feature Makes The Light Very Portable. Disclosure (16 C.F.R. 255): I Received This Item For Free To Give An Honest And Unbiased Review. No Compensation For A Positive Review Was Provided. All Of My Reviews Are Entirely Based On My Own Experience With The Product And I Never Guarantee A Positive Review. My First Impression Is Based Upon My Testing Of This Product. This Is My Opinion AND I Only Change My Rating If The Product Under Performs Over Time.