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Accmart(TM) 4 Sizes Pompom Pom-pom Maker Promotion

This method ensures you get the fluffiest, bountiful pom poms around with double the amount of wool.

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Accmart(TM) 4 Sizes Pompom Pom-pom Maker

12-Month Warranty
Fulfilled by Amazon with fast shipping
Full Refund if you do not receive the parcel in promise time
Place order from us, you will enjoy top grade After-SALE Service
Any confused,please feel free to contact us,we will give you a respond ASAP

COLOR: Green/blue/red/yellow
Material:Durable ABS resin and POM resin
Four difference size(Diameter): 3.5/4.5/6.5/8.5 cm

Wind the wool around the plastic maker evenly, pull tight at the middle to secure and chop away the frills
Each maker has arm extension out with the middle connecting.With a simple flick catch opening so you can work your wool around easily and evenly
This method ensures you get the fluffiest, bountiful pom poms around with double the amount of wool.
All you need is some wool and one scissors and you will have a fun pom-pom maker
The pom pom maker very easy to use,you can make out ball for children hats or sock easily
Good for the children to DIY the fluff ball.Great to be nice gift to your kids
Package Included:
1 x Pom-pom Maker

Linda Baker Linda Baker  

The Accmart pom-pom maker is a must have! If you love to knit/crochet beanies or hats, you know how much fun a pom pom add to your beanies or hats. I love to add pom pom to the beanies I knit/crochet. I have used my own pom pom maker but it's so hard to get the perfect pom pom. Then I received this product at a discounted rate in return for my unbiased opinion and thought, what do I have to lose? It has made my life so much easier when I make pom pom's. Also its easy to adjust how thick or think you want them to be. Of course, I make mine super thick because It makes my beanies look so much more fun and cute. All you need is some yarn and scissors and you can start having fun, this is so simple to use my 7 year old had a great time! #accmart #pompommaker
Linda Baker Linda Baker  

The Accmart Pom-pom Maker Is A Must Have! If You Love To Knit/crochet Beanies Or Hats, You Know How Much Fun A Pom Pom Add To Your Beanies Or Hats. I Love To Add Pom Pom To The Beanies I Knit/crochet. I Have Used My Own Pom Pom Maker But It's So Hard To Get The Perfect Pom Pom. Then I Received This Product At A Discounted Rate In Return For My Unbiased Opinion And Thought, What Do I Have To Lose? It Has Made My Life So Much Easier When I Make Pom Pom's. Also Its Easy To Adjust How Thick Or Think You Want Them To Be. Of Course, I Make Mine Super Thick Because It Makes My Beanies Look So Much More Fun And Cute. All You Need Is Some Yarn And Scissors And You Can Start Having Fun, This Is So Simple To Use My 7 Year Old Had A Great Time! Https://
Betsy Kiri Betsy Kiri  

Love this fun pompon maker. Great for crafts!
Betsy Kiri Betsy Kiri  

This Is A Great Pompom Maker For Kids Crafts Https://
Linda Baker Linda Baker @GiveawayService #pompommaker
Betsy Kiri Betsy Kiri  

Love this fun pompon maker. Great for seasonal crafts with the kids!… #sponsored