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Accmart Hand-Cranking Pencil Sharpener Quite Vintage Style Promotion

Compact and quiet, makes this the ideal sharpener for classroom office and home use

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Accmart Hand-Cranking Pencil Sharpener Quite Vintage Style

12-Month Warranty
Fulfilled by Amazon with fast shipping
Full Refund if you do not receive the parcel in promise time
Place order from us, you will enjoy top grade After-SALE Service
In case of any concerns, feel free to contact us. We will respond ASAP.

Color: Black
Turn Left: Thin
Turn Right: Thick
Diameter Range: 7-12mm
Dimension: 65 x 75 x 120mm

Mini size
Two-handed operation
ABS plastic parts are strong, durable
Detachable, counterclockwise and you can take out the pencil which is cracked
The compact, quiet, makes this the ideal sharpener for classroom office and home use

Not suitable for standard soft core colored pencils because more wood support at sharpened tip is needed to prevent breaking
Safety warning: this product is not intended for children under the age of 6 as it contains a sharp rotary cutting inside the housing

Package Included:
1 x Hand-Cranking Pencil Sharpener

Jessica Stuart Jessica Stuart  

Nice hand crank style sharpener that looks like an old fashioned camera. Looks nice and works well, what more could you ask for? #freeforreview
Niki Shaw Niki Shaw  

So far I really l like this sharpener. The only hand crank ones I've used are attached to the wall, so at first it felt a little strange to hold the sharpener with one hand and crank with the other, but it works. There is a button on the top that you press to insert and remove pencils. It can hold pencils from 7-12mm and the front part extends out to hold longer or shorter pencils. It holds the pencil pretty much still while you sharpen so that your free hand can stabilize the sharpener. You can also adjust the rotation shaft to get a thinner or thicker point. I think most people will choose this sharpener over others because of the way it looks. It is great for people interested in photography as the sharpener looks like an old camera. That may possibly limit the buyers though. I take digital photographs, but I still appreciate the looks of the sharpener and it looks cute on my desk. Another thing about this sharpener is that it can be used by either hand, which you can't easily do with other manual sharpeners that you mount on the wall. I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. The retail price of $19.99 seems to be a little high for a manual crank pencil sharpener regardless if it looks like a camera or not. I'm not sure I would be willing to pay that in a store. If you'd like to see it for yourself you can go to #pencil #artsupplies #sharpener #retro #office #officesupplies #crank
Jessica Stuart Jessica Stuart  

Nice Hand Crank Style Pencil Sharpener That Looks Like An Old Fashioned Camera. Looks Nice And Works Great, Can't Ask For More! Https:// *free For Review Purposes*
Melissa Ramos Melissa Ramos This is an awesome sharpener. #samplegiven #ad
Melissa Ramos Melissa Ramos  

Warranty: 12-Month Warranty Fulfilled By Amazon With Fast Shipping Full Refund If You Do Not Receive The Parcel In Promise Time Place Order From Us, You Will Enjoy Top Grade After-SALE Service Any Confused,please Feel Free To Contact Us,we Will Give You A Respond ASAP Specification: Color:Black T...
Niki Shaw Niki Shaw  

So Far I Really L Like This Sharpener. The Only Hand Crank Ones I've Used Are Attached To The Wall, So At First It Felt A Little Strange To Hold The Sharpener With One Hand And Crank With The Other, But It Works. There Is A Button On The Top That You Press To Insert And Remove Pencils. It Can Hold Pencils From 7-12mm And The Front Part Extends Out To Hold Longer Or Shorter Pencils. It Holds The Pencil Pretty Much Still While You Sharpen So That Your Free Hand Can Stabilize The Sharpener. You Can Also Adjust The Rotation Shaft To Get A Thinner Or Thicker Point. I Think Most People Will Choose This Sharpener Over Others Because Of The Way It Looks. It Is Great For People Interested In Photography As The Sharpener Looks Like An Old Camera. That May Possibly Limit The Buyers Though. I Take Digital Photographs, But I Still Appreciate The Looks Of The Sharpener And It Looks Cute On My Desk. Another Thing About This Sharpener Is That It Can Be Used By Either Hand, Which You Can't Easily Do With Other Manual Sharpeners That You Mount On The Wall. I Received This Product For Free In Exchange For An Honest Review. The Retail Price Of $19.99 Seems To Be A Little High For A Manual Crank Pencil Sharpener Regardless If It Looks Like A Camera Or Not. I'm Not Sure I Would Be Willing To Pay That In A Store. If You'd Like To See It For Yourself You Can Go To Https://
Jessica Stuart Jessica Stuart  

Nice hand crank style sharpener that looks like an old fashioned camera. #freeforreview
Melissa Ramos Melissa Ramos #sampleprovided This is an awesome pencil sharpener. It sharpens quickly without breaking the lead.
Niki Shaw Niki Shaw  

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