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Absolute Shield Promotion

Shield your baby, kids and loved ones from deadly sunlight with SPF 30+ protection.

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Absolute Shield

KID'S FAVORITE PROTECTION - Shield your baby, kids and loved ones from deadly sunlight with SPF 30+ equivalent protection, cuts sun glare, reduces heat and burn while enjoying fresh air when windows are rolled down

EASY TO INSTALL - Flexible and stretchy material stretching up to 45 inches by 21 inches fits almost every car models in the market by covering over rear door

PREMIUM BUILT - Durable and high quality material with Duel Stitch technology, ideal for washing machine. Comes with well designed reusable bag

PAY IT FORWARD - Absolute Selection's mission is to improve the world's appetite for charity. To do so we are giving back 10% on profit made to fight GLOBAL WARMING.


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