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Survival Tactical Pen W/ Glass Breaker (Gun Metal) Promotion

Keep this portable tactical pen by your side at all times with the handy pocket clip.

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Survival Tactical Pen W/ Glass Breaker (Gun Metal)

The ABP TACTICAL Defender Aircraft Aluminum Tactical Pen with Glass Breaker features a heavy duty carbide tip that can easily break glass in case of emergency situations, including if you or someone is trapped in a vehicle. The carbide tip is also excellent for self defense. This tactical pen provides smooth smear-free writing capabilities and is compatible with standard pen refills. Keep this portable tactical pen by your side at all times with the handy pocket clip. This pen is made to withstand any conditions, yet weighs only 1.5 ounces for lightweight carry. It's both stylish and able to withstand rough terrain and weather. We pride ourselves in only providing top of the line products and have thousands of satisfied and returning customers worldwide. Our friendly support team is ready to answer any of your questions. (Code works for color GUN METAL only)

Connie De Connie De  

Great durable pen. Writes even in the rain! Husband gets lots of comments about his stylish pen at work.#abptactical
Emmy Hernandez Emmy Hernandez ABP Tactical defender aluminum pen with glass breaker! Has some weight to it and a very sharp point plus works great
Michelle Bowen Michelle Bowen  

I absolutely love this tactical pen! I carry it in my car for the glass breaking ability.. high quality!!! Durable!