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9 In 1 Cell Phone Camera Lens Promotion

ZOETOUCH Professional HD Cell Phone Lens Kit 9 in 1 iPhone Camera Lens for iPad/iPhone/Samsung/Other SmartphonesZOETOUCH camera lenses allow you to enjoy high-quality image effect even without…

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9 In 1 Cell Phone Camera Lens

ZOETOUCH Professional HD Cell Phone Lens Kit 9 in 1 iPhone Camera Lens for iPad/iPhone/Samsung/Other Smartphones

ZOETOUCH camera lenses allow you to enjoy high-quality image effect even without prefessional photograph equipment.
Never miss any remarkable and unforgettable scenes in your life!


Wide Angle Lens
- 0.63X wide camera lens can capture 45% more picture.
- 0.36X super wide lens can capture 120% more picture.
Capture larger scene in your view, which can make your picture a materpiece.
Suitable for shooting magnificent buildings, city streets, natural scenery, etc.

Macro Lens
- 15X Marco Lens
- 20X Marco Lens
Give you a chance to explore the invisible world with a close and deep look.
Pefect for get clear details for small objects, such as flowers, insects, etc.

198° Fisheye Lens
Allow you to experience funny world from a fish-eye perspective. Especially used for look-up shooting to make buildings and scenes more spectacular.

Telephoto Lens
- Get up close with 2X optical magnification.

Starburst Lens
- Make the lights come to life like magic with star filters.

CPL Lens
- Filter polarized light, reducing reflections, enhancing colors and increasing contrast.
- Adjustable for effect of polarization.

Kaleidoscope Lens
- Have beautiful, overlapping and creative photos.

Universal Compatiblity
- Fit for most smartphones and tablets such as iPhone, Samsung, Motor G, HTC, Nokia, Blackberry, LG, iPad, etc.

Package Includes:
2 x Wide Angle Lens
2 x Macro lens
1 x Fisheye Lens
1 x Telephoto Lens
1 x Starburst Lens
1 x CPL Lens
1 x Kaleidoscope Lens
1 x Lens Clip
1 x Black Protective Carrying Case
1 x Cleaning Cloth
1 x Carabiner
1 x User Manual

Carla Dunn Carla Dunn  

Absolutely Love This Lens Set For My Android Phone. Easy To Use, Compact For Travel And I Love The Difference It Makes In My Photos. Fun To Take Photos With Macro Lens And Fisheye Lens. The Wide Angle Lens Are Also Useful To Capture More Scenes Inside The View. It Also Comes With A Very Sturdy Carrying Case Which I Love. Definitely Considering Buying This Set If You Want To Try And Make Your Phone Pictures Extra Special. The Clip Has A Very Nice Grip And It Doesn’t Damage My Phone. And I Love That You Can Change The Lenses As You Want. I Would Totally Recommend These Lenses.
Kelly Layburn Kelly Layburn  

My Newest Toy! This Camera Lens Kit For My Phone. The Lenses Fit Any Phone With The Included Clip. My Favorite Is The Kaleidoscope Lens. I Took This Photo Of My Favorite Sitting Area In My Backyard. It Includes A Total Of 9 Lenses. By #ZoeTouch
Mark Saylor Mark Saylor  

Had An Opportunity To Review ZOETOUCH 9 Camera Lens Kit For My Cell Phone. The Lens Come In A Great Storage Case And Are Easy To Interchange On My Cell Phone. The Wide Angle Lens Will Really Come In Handy On Vacations And The Macro Lens Will Provide Hours Of Fun Around The House.
Joheved Romero Joheved Romero  

Amazing. These Are Easy To Go Lenses. Really Fun To Use. So Many Options To Choose From. The Package That It Comes With Is Durable.
Diana Kennedy Diana Kennedy  

ZOETOUCH Professional HD Cell Phone Lens Kit 9 In 1 IPhone Camera Lens For IPad/iPhone/Samsung/Other Smartphones ZOETOUCH Camera Lenses Allow You To Enjoy High-quality Image Effect Even Without Prefessional Photograph Equipment. Never Miss Any Remarkable And Unforgettable Scenes In Your Life! Fea...