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8000mAh External Battery Promotion

Do you often run out of your smartphone battery when you need it most? We have got a perfect solution for you.

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8000mAh External Battery

Goldenwide® External Battery Charger - Always stand behind you

Double USB Port (2Amp+2Amp Output) Not all charging ports are created equal. Standard ports only communicate effectively with particular devices, like Apple OR Android, often limiting their recharge rate. But with Goldenwide technology, each port intelligently identifies your device to speak its unique charging language. So plug in any brand or model and enjoy compatibility that doesn't limit your charging speed.

UNIQUE BREATHING LIGHT OF BATTERY INDICATOR - Red LED Light means 1-24%, green LED Lights for 25-50%, white LED lights for 51-100%, 4 LED Lights means fully charged.
2 in 1 -- Power Bank with Phone Stand Unique leather cover design with stand function,lead to richer charging experience. You can easily use them both in office, home, airplane and so on.

Included: 1x 8000mAh External Battery 1x USB to Micro USB Charging Cable 1x Instructions Manual
- Please use the original 8Pin/30Pin Cable by Apple to charge Apple products. AC adapter is not included.
100% SATISFACTION WARRANTY - Goldenwide with confidence, your satisfaction is our guarantee - 60 days MONEY BACK with any reason under any condition.