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8000mAh External Battery Charger Promotion

Unique leather cover design with stand function. Richer charging experience.

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8000mAh External Battery Charger

2-IN-1 DESIGN - Unique leather cover design with stand function,lead to richer charging experience

DUAL USB CHARGER - 8000 mAh with dual USB 2A + 2A, available for 2 USB-enabled devices to charge at the same time.

HUGE CAPACITY - 8000mAh charges an iPhone 6S almost 4 times, a Galaxy S6 almost 2 times, Samsung Galaxy S4 about 2.5 times, iPad Mini 1.5 times.

PERFECT PROTECTION - Multiple protection system guarantees the safety of your devices, preventing overcharge, overdischarge and short circuit.

PERFECT GIFT - It comes with an adorable black gift box which is luxurious. It's an excellent gift for your parent, loved ones, partner, and friend's or to anyone in your life.