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8000mAh External Battery Black Promotion

Unique leather cover design with stand function, leads to richer charging experience.

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8000mAh External Battery Black

2-IN-1 DESIGN - Unique leather cover design with stand function,lead to richer charging experience.

DUAL USB CHARGER - 8000 mAh with dual USB 2A + 2A, available for 2 USB-enabled devices to charge at the same time.

HUGE CAPACITY - 8000mAh charges an iPhone 6S almost 4 times, a Galaxy S6 almost 2 times, Samsung Galaxy S4 about 2.5 times, iPad Mini 1.5 times.

PERFECT PROTECTION - Multiple protection system guarantees the safety of your devices, preventing overcharge, overdischarge and short circuit.

PERFECT GIFT - It comes with an adorable black gift box which is luxurious. It's an excellent gift for men or women in office, your parent, loved ones, partner, Coworkers, Boss, Manager, Secretary, Partner,Coworkers, Boss, Manager, Secretary, Partner,and friend's or to anyone in your life.