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7 Piece Organic Bamboo Wood Cooking Utensil Set Promotion

Easy to clean by washing with mild soap and water.

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7 Piece Organic Bamboo Wood Cooking Utensil Set

Crafted With 100% Natural Organic FDA Approved Solid Bamboo

Quality built bamboo kitchen utensil set, constructed with highest quality of Moso Bamboo

Easy to clean by washing with mild soap and water

Length of each utensil is approximately 11 inches

7 Piece Set include: A utensil holder, A Bamboo Turner Spatula, a Bamboo Fork, a Bamboo Slotted Mixing Spoon, a Slotted Spatula, a Slotted Spoon and Mixing Tongs

Nichol Tone Nichol Tone  

I Love This Bamboo Cookware It Works Amazing!! It Is Of Such High Quality And Thick, And It Washes So Nice By Hand Or In My Dishwasher!! I Love That It Is Made Of 100% Bamboo!! This Will Last A Lifetime!! This Item Is Of High Quality And Durable And Versatile And Can Match To Just About Anything.I Have Amazon Prime So I Had No Problems With Shipping Or Delivery. Love This Product!! I Would Recommend This To Everyone And Anyone, This Would A Great Gift For All Occasions. I Have Amazon Prime, So I Had No Problems Or Issues With Shipping Or Delivery. I Have Received This Product For A Discounted Price For An Honest Review In Which I Have Given
April Long April Long  

**3E Home 7 Piece Organic Bamboo Utensil Set**About Our Unique Product: Whether You Are Replacing An Old Set Of Kitchen Utensil Or Adding More To Your Cooking Gadgets, This 7-piece Organic Bamboo Wood Cooking Utensil Set From 3E Home Will Do An Excellent Job. It Is Made Out Of Strong Bamboo Which...
Krista Conway Krista Conway  

The First Thing I Noticed Was How Wonderful They Smell, Yes I Said Smell. The Raw Bamboo Smells Amazing. I Think The Design With The Checked Box Along With The Striped Pattern On The Utensils Is A Great Idea. These Are Not Flimsy Utensils At All, Very Good Quality And Very Sturdy. They Are Not Going To Break Easily. But Don't Forget To Always Hand Wash Because A Dishwashing Machine Can Cause The Wood To Split. The Box Has Tiny Holes At The Bottom For Water To Run Out. They Would Look Great In Any Kitchen Design Or Decor. This Product Came Packaged Nicely All Adorned With A Bow Even, So This Could Easily Make A Great Gift For Someone That You Know Who Loves To Cook. Or Maybe As A Housewarming Gift.
Russell Herman Russell Herman  

Received The 3E Home 7 Piece Organic Bamboo Wood Cooking Utensil Set At A Promotional Price In Exchange For An Honest & Unbiased Review. Item Shipped Promptly - Came In Its Own Cardboard Box That Would Be Easy To Wrap. Inside - The Whole Set Was Wrapped In Clear Cellophane And Had A Pretty Purple Bow On It! Perfect For Gift Giving. The Name Is A Bit Of A Misnomer - As It Is Actually Not Constructed Of Wood - Rather - It Is Made Of Bamboo - Which Is More Environmentally Conscious And Will Last A Lot Longer And Take A Much Tougher Beating During Your Cooking. The Square Cube Holder Has A Cute Checkerboard Design With Dark And Light Bamboo Colors And Features Air Vents To Allow Drying And Moisture To Escape. The 7 Utensils Are Striped With Dark & Light Bamboo Colors. Includes 6 Different Utensils: A Turner Spatula, A Bamboo Fork, A Slotted Mixing Spoon, A Slotted Spatula, A Slotted Spoon, And Mixing Tongs! A Great Buy!