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6-Pack Popular Magic Cube Puzzle Promotion

Environmental material.

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6-Pack Popular Magic Cube Puzzle

Environmental material Use the original ABS material: non-poisonous material, harmless to human and environment. Advantages Improved anti-popping technology and structure for extremely fast and smooth cornering. Giving a good control of the magic cube by the Great Corner Cutting. 100% Money Back Guarantee Buy it, try it and if you think it is just not for you, DO NOT Worry, we provide a full money back guarantee! Package Includes1 *2x2x2 Magic Cube 1 *3x3x3 Magic Cube 1 *4x4x4 Magic Cube1 *4x4x4 Magic Cube 1 *5x5x5 Magic Cube 1 * Megaminx Magic Cube1 * Gold Mirror Magic Cube Notes Some cubes may have a little lubricant left on surface, please just wipe it up and be assured that it's NOT harmful to people.