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5W LED Filament Candle Light Bulb Candelabra Base Lamp Promotion

The light has a nice warm tone and spreads out evenly.

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5W LED Filament Candle Light Bulb Candelabra Base Lamp

The light has a nice warm tone and spreads out evenly.
Now Your Room Has Fewer Shadows!
They stay cool, take less energy, and yet retain the charm and quality warm white light that incandescents have.

A great energy saving light. They also last so much longer so you don't have to change light bulbs all the time ( this might seem like not a very big deal, but if you have dozen light bulbs 20 feet up, and you have to wrestle a heavy lather up to a second story every few weeks, it is a big deal). Led produce almost no heat. Even that incandescent light bulb is heating your space up. So no heat is very good. These bulbs are very attractive, They look just like your decorative incandescent bulbs.

Main Advantages:
1. Energy saving LED light to replace the conventional 50W incandescent light bulbs
2. Light is soft and uniform, safe to eyes
3. Instant start, No flickering
4. Easy to install and operate
5. Green and eco-friendly without mercury
6. 90% energy saving compared with conventional Incandescent light bulbs

Bulb Type: LED
Base Type: E12
Shape Type: Torpedo Shape Bullet Top
Wattage: 5W (50 Watts incandescent equivalent)
Working Voltage: AC 110V-130V
Luminous Flux: 500 Lumen
Color Rendering Index (CRI) ≥80
Color Temperature: 2700 Kelvin(Warm White)
Beam Angle: 360 Degrees
Size: Diameter 1.38 Inch x Height 3.9 Inch
Material: Metal and High-Strength Glass
Light Source: 6 COB-LED
Life Span: Average 24000 Hours Lifespan
Application: Homes, Living/Dinning Rooms, Lobbies, Hotel Rooms, Restaurants, Residential/Commercial/Decorative Lighting