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3 Mode - Cedar Camping Hiking LED Lantern - White, Red, SOS Mode Promotion

See the unexpected in a whole new light

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3 Mode - Cedar Camping Hiking LED Lantern - White, Red, SOS Mode

Exploration is more than just hiking a trail, it's about taking the road less traveled. Out here, we're free from our daily routines. Here is where we feed our curiosity and make lasting memories. We're united by for the love the outdoors and our Eco-CycleTM packaging is just one small part of that. When you're out here, you're in nature's backyard. Welcome to the Cedar Life.

See the unexpected in a whole new light
The mystical night is a place of memories. Some dream. Some roam. For the night dwellers, let CEDAR® lanterns be your guide.
With two colors, three brightness levels and up to 30-hours of light, our CEDAR® 3-Mode Lantern is all you need to create your lasting memory.
Exploration Mode - Bright white light casts up to 23m at 300 lumens
Soft Red Mode - Unobtrusive warm light preserves night vision
Stuff Happens Mode - Signal SOS for when things get hairy
30-Days of Light
Adventure for days. A single set of batteries will last up to 30 days when set to our ultra-power saving 'low' mode. Just one less thing to worry about.

Three Levels of Brightness
Set the mood with the right light. Adjustable brightness comes in three levels for both the white and red mode. Set it bright for exploring or soft for accent lighting.

Night Vision Red
See the Milky Way like you've never seen it before. Add a touch of warm red light to compliment the night sky. Preserve your eyes and save the night.

Ready to Hang, Wherever You Are
When you're scaling that gigantic pine tree for the ultimate nature selfie, just pick a branch and hang it for the perfect lighting.
And when it's time to bring the party inside, just attach our lantern to the ceiling hook and light up your tent.

Batteries Required: (3) D Batteries