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3 In 1 Cell Phone Lens Kit Promotion

ZOETOUCH Professional HD Cell Phone Lens Kit 3 in 1 iPhone Camera Lens for iPad/ iPhone/ Samsung/ Other SmartphonesZOETOUCH iPhone camera lens kit allow you to enjoy the high-quality image effect…

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3 In 1 Cell Phone Lens Kit

ZOETOUCH Professional HD Cell Phone Lens Kit 3 in 1 iPhone Camera Lens for iPad/ iPhone/ Samsung/ Other Smartphones

ZOETOUCH iPhone camera lens kit allow you to enjoy the high-quality image effect even without prefessional photograph equipment.
Never miss any remarkable and unforgettable scenes in your life!


Leah Gordon Leah Gordon  

A Smartphone Is Probably The Most Convenient Camera We All Have. It's Always In My Pocket Since I Love Photography. I Was Very Skeptical Trying This Brand But This Starter Cellphone Lens Kit Does Not Disappoint Me. The Quality Works Okay For Basic Photography Or Daily Shooting. I Tried It To Iphone 6S It Works Great Coz Of Round Shape Camera Lens. Although On Samsung Edge 7 That Has Four-corners Shape Lens, The Wide Angle Lens You Will See A Spot Of Black Line On The Corners. Trying To Focus It Is A Little Bit Challenging ; The Clip Must Be Placed Perfectly Over Cell Phone Camera Lens. It Does Exactly What It's Supposed To Do When It Comes To The Quality Of Your Photos. The Wide Angle Lens Is Good And Does Provide A Slight Wide Angle. The Fish-eye Lens Is Also Good However, The Macro Lens Is Blurry At First, I Think It's Supposed To Be. You Need To Be Very Close To Your Subject To Gain Clear Focus, It's Not A Zoom Lens After All. This Kit Also Came With A Cleaning Cloth, Clip And Cute Case Very Handy. It Doesn't Get Any Better Than That. I Included Pictures Of The Kit As Well As Samples Of The Lens Functions Using Iphone 6S. Overall It Is A Nice Kit Set To Have That Fits Your Budget. #zoetouch #productreview You Can Purchase This Lenses Kit At: Https://
Tim Swartz Tim Swartz  

If You Enjoy Taking Pictures With Your Smartphone, Here Is A Lens Set That Can Be Used With Your Phone That Will Really Give Your Photos A Little Extra PoP! I Got The ZOETOUCH Camera Lens Kit Which Contains A 230° Fisheye Lens, A 0.65X Super Wide Angle Lens, And A 15X Macro Lens. The Macro Lens, For Me, Is Really The Most Useful For Taking Extreme Closeup's. The Photos Here Shows A Closeup Of A Flower With Just The Smartphone Lens. The Second Is With The Macro Lens Attachment. Big Difference. The Lenses Come In A Nice Hard Case And Are Easily Attached To Your Smartphone With A Clip. Https://
Jody Dal Santo Jody Dal Santo  

ZOETOUCH Camera Lens Kit, Clip On 3 In 1 Cell Phone Lens For IPhone/ Samsung/ LG/ Moto G/ Nokia/ Sony/ Nexus/Other Android Smartphones It Is A Pretty Cool Little Product. The Item Link Is Https:// The Quality Is Much Better Than I Thought It Would Be. I Like That It Comes With A Case To Store Them, A Cleaning Cloth, & A Caribiner. Each Lens Has It Own Cap Too. This Is Nice For Anyone Who Doesn't Have A Super New Top Of The Line Phone & Still They Might Even Improve Photos For Them Too. If You Are A Selfie Junkie This Would Be Good For That Too. I Got This Item For A Discounted Price For Giving My Facebook Post But If It Was A Bad Item Then I Wouldn't Say It Was Good. Https://
Kim Shaw Kim Shaw  

I Bought This And Love It! Works Great And Comes In A Carrying Case. Comes With 3 Lenses: 1. Wide Angle 2. Fish Eye 3. Macro Https://
Melissa Rabideau Melissa Rabideau  

Since Taking Pictures Of My Crafts To Try And Sell Them Is Pretty Important To Me I Was Excited To Find That Thanks To Https:// I Was Able To Get A Pretty Good Discount On This Item. My Phone Is Pretty Old So I Would Download Apps That Would Help With Better Camera Or Apps To Do Some Photo Editing. With These Little Camera Lenses Added With My Phone Camera Sure Helped Me To Take Better Pictures. I Do A Lot To Set Up Everything Before I Take A Picture Of My Crafts. Making Sure Lights And Backgrounds Are Just Right. With This Easy Sturdy Case To Hold The Lenses Secure In Place To Prevent Damage And Easy To Carry Around. Especially With The Clip They Provide. The Clip That Holds The Lenses And Clip To Your Phone Is Strong Enough To Hold Yet Safe Enough Not To Damage Or Scratch Your Phone. Lenses Easily Screws Into Clip Place Over Existing Camera And Your Set To Go. One Lenses For Fisheye Features One For Wide View And Last One Is For Up Close And Detail Pictures. Which You Will Need To Be Very Close To Whatever You Need To Take A Picture Off. Also Came With A Cleaning Cloth But If Course I Lost That First Thing. So Check Out Https:// To Get A Good Deal On One For Yourself.
Wendy Allen Wendy Allen  

My Skills Taking Photos That Were Halfway Decent On My IPhone Are Basically Non Existent- UNTIL I Got The ZOETOUCH 3 In 1 Lens Kit. Cute Case With 3 Lenses And Cleaning Cloth. Just Clip On To My Phone And Shoot!