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22’’ Rapid Fire Machine Gun By CifToys: Realistic Toy Rifle Replica Promotion

The Rapid Fire Machine Gun You Were Looking For Are you looking for a fun toy for your child? Does your child enjoy playing adventurous games? Do you want a realistic machine gun toy for your…

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22’’ Rapid Fire Machine Gun By CifToys: Realistic Toy Rifle Replica Wi...

The Rapid Fire Machine Gun You Were Looking For Are you looking for a fun toy for your child? Does your child enjoy playing adventurous games? Do you want a realistic machine gun toy for your Halloween costume? The CifToys rapid fire machine gun is exactly what you were looking for! Realistic Toy Gun The CifToys rapid fire machine gun is designed to look and feel very realistic for maximum fun. The 22'' toy rifle gun is very detailed and looks like the real thing. The sniper gun makes shooting sounds for the perfect realistic experience. Flashing lights come out of the gun for endless hours of fun. The machine gun is crafted with care and attention to detail for perfect results. Your child will enjoy hours of fun with this toy gun. The rapid fire machine gun is perfect for all kinds of adventurous roleplay, such as soldiers, spies, commandos, gangsters and so much more! The toy gun is the perfect accessory for your Halloween costume! Perfect Gift Idea The rapid fire machine gun by CifToys will make the perfect gift for any child that loves adventurous games. Get this toy machine gun for your child, nephew or godson and be sure that they will love it! With a 100% satisfaction guarantee there is no reason to wait! Get One Now Before They Run Out Of Stock Just Click Add To Cart

Rachel McGuire Rachel McGuire  

Welcome to the 22’’ Rapid Fire Machine Gun By #CifToys. An awesome toy gun for the Child Gun enthusiast.. I know my grandsons will love this one.. If my son keeps the batteries in long enough. You can see this toy Here: 22’’ Rapid Fire Machine Gun By CifToys check the comments to see a link to see a video of this toy in action. You will be surprised. I have to say I was very impressed with the quality of the Rifle, although my other son thinks it should have been left without the blade on the front. Even though the makers put a tab on each side of the blade to prevent actual stabbing. I ran my finger down the blade and it is still sharp in my opinion as well. But, as I see, you can remove the blade if it is that big of an issue. It has a cool stand that folds down and hides away, it comes with a strap to carry in on their shoulder or back. Has amazing sound effects of laser gun and moving parts as you will see in the video... Thanks for reading.. Follow the link to see for yourself.
Trina Whitehead Trina Whitehead  

This is one of my favorite toys I found for my little nieces and nephews. One is a pilot in the making and he adores this plane! It sounds just like a jet engine in take off and it lights up and flashes like crazy! It’s a great toy to keep them both active which is good. I don’t want couch potatoes playing game systems and it keeps them happy. Definitely a purchase to keep any youngster happy!
Kelly Moffitt Kelly Moffitt  

Got this guy for the boys and they love it!!! #ciftoysrapidfiremachinegun
Tammy Lule Tammy Lule  

tammylule22" rapid fire machine gun is a very detailed plastic toy gun. The machine gun has a camouflage appearence.The replica gun has bright colors and active movements when trigger is pressed down. The trigger of this toy machine gun is very easy to push down. When trigger is pushed down lights and movements work perfectly together. Also attached to this machine gun is a plastic knife that can be pulled up or down, my son likes to use this feature in the dirt and rocks. My son enjoyed playing with this toy replica he loves the bright colorful lights, the lights look amazing in the dark. This machine gun replica also came with a bullet strip that also gives movement when shooting, which makes this product that much more realistic. This product looks very well made and everything works as it should. The sound of this machine gun is loud and clear, lights are bright and rhythmic with the sounds of the gun. This product opens my sons imaginative play and he can play for hours with his sisters. This toy gun is great for roleplay and even great for a Holloween costume acessory. This product is greatly recommended to others. #Cliftoy
Lisa Brigham Lisa Brigham  

Hello everyone hope you having a great day.. Just got this great toy yesterday and couldnt wait to tell you about it.. I bought this for my grandson for his bday but my 25 yr old son well is just a big kid and had to try it out .. so lets start with the box.. very nice and durable to protect the product from being damaged when shipped.. you do have to put it together which was very simple. there are already batteries in it when you receive it. so glad when that happens lol, so lets talk about the toy.. it is nice and heavy .. made from a nice hard plastic so it will not break easily. cuz lets face it who wants to buy a toy for a child and then have the kids break it in an hr. that will not happen with this item unless your child is banging it off the side walk . the gun lights up and has sounds .. also it comes with a bullet string that feeds thru the top part of the gun.. so cool right .. any kid would love this this toy. This is a great company and this is the 3rd item i have gotten from them and i have been extremely happy with the items i have gotten. #ciftoysrapidfiremachinegun #ElalciTradingLLC
Tyler Edholm Tyler Edholm  

Recieved a new toy in the mail. The kids loved the noises it made. The main barrel and the secondary barrel moved and made noises when the trigger was pulled. Came with a a sling and bi pod. The ammo belt is removable and brakes down into two seprate belts. Not a bad package to get.
Brittany King Brittany King  

Ordered these awesome toys for a friend of mine off of amazon. They are very well made and high quality toys. They work great to keep kids entertained. I would recommend these.