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2016 Smart Mesh Cooking Thermometer Promotion

With our advanced thermometer, you can measure the interior temperature of the meat without any hassle.

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2016 Smart Mesh Cooking Thermometer

RenGard RG-16 BBQ Thermometer: Let's redefine the easiest!

Poultry. ...
Do you remember something other than the yummy dishes? The boring and never-ending barbecue procedure?

Gosh..! That's torture for many. And the best part is to guess whether it's the right time to take it off the grill. Is it still raw inside or about to burn or both? Next, comes the expert advice - no raw nor burnt!


Well, no more. Because RenGard's all new - RG-16 Step-down probe BBQ Thermometer comes with the one and only motto - Cook like Mom & play like YOU.

With our advanced thermometer, you can measure the interior temperature of the meat without any hassle. It helps you to maximize the nutritional value of your food as well as the taste (by complete cooking without burning the important nutrients). So your food qualifies the standards - TASTY AND HEALTHY (Mom's food)!

Again, you do not need to stand next to the barbecue with your eyes fixed on the food (like your eyes are doing the real work, not the stove!). Nor do you need to make guesses based on the perfume, colors, astral signs, number of plates, or whatsoever. In short, you got your FREEDOM. You can do what interests you. No need to alarm your brain each next moment, there's an alarm in your RG-16 which would ring whenever it's the time. Just, be YOU (You).

Oh, I know you love it. But you still have to click that 'Add to Cart' button to get this tabletop design on your tabletop. NOW, I'M HUNGRY.