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2 In 1 Foam Roller Set With FREE Massage Ball

Enjoy a deep tissue massage, gentle back massage and foot massage with Citrus Fitness 2 in 1 foam roller set. Recover your sore muscles quickly after each workout.

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2 In 1 Foam Roller Set With FREE Massage Ball

- DEEP tissue massage: release any stress accumulated in large muscles that require more pressure using the high density foam roller (Green - 13" x 5.5")
- GENTLE back massage: release any stress accumulated in your back using the medium density foam roller (Black - 13" x 4")
- SIMPLE AND EASY to follow foam roller guide for foam roller novices
- LONG LASTING: quality eva foam and silicone that is meant to last longer than your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend
- FREE Massage Ball: for targeting one specific muscle. This collection is the complete solution.

Victoria Chambers Victoria Chambers  

Https:// Got My Foam Roller And Its Amazing!! Healing Time With Working Out Is Cut Down Drastically!! Its A Quality Product! My Husband And I Have Both Used It. The Product Is Strong And Works For Both Our Very Different Body Types! Which Says A Lot Since Colby Is A Big Man. Check This Out If You Want To Improve Your Work Out Healing Time That Way You Can Get Back In The Gym!
Dee Daniel Dee Daniel  

If You Are Working Out And Experience Muscle Soreness.. You Need This Foam Roller ASAP! It Is Highly Effective In Getting The Knots Out And Easing Muscle Soreness..especially After "Leg Day" At The Gym.
Samantha Thomas Samantha Thomas  

This Roller Is Awesome To Help Loosen Up Muscles. I Have Arthritis In My Neck And Also Have Back Problems, To Make Matters Worse I've Gained A Lot Of Weight These Past Few Months So I've Been Trying To Get Back On Track. These Rollers Help Drastically To Roll Out My Aches After Working Out. #citrusfitnessinc Https://
Ashley Sue Bullers Ashley Sue Bullers  

I'm Trying To Get Health. No. I AM Getting Healthy. There Is No Try. Lots Of Components In This Process. Today, I Keep Thinking About #moveyourdna (which I Learned Of From Sara Krahnke
Jen Kinzer Jen Kinzer  

I Work Out A Lot, So I Get Tight And Sore Muscles Often. I've Heard About The Benefits Foam Rolling Can Have, So I Decided To Order One. This One Seemed A Bit Pricey At Over $30, But It Had Great Reviews And Came With A Few Extras, So I Ordered. It Is A Large Green Roller With Bumps On It - Little Bumps For Finger-like Massage And Longer Bumps For Palm-like Massage. It Is Hollow So That Another Smaller Black Roller Fits Inside. That One Doesn't Have Bumps So It's Not As Harsh. I Prefer To Use The Green One Because I Feel It Does The Job. It's Easy To Do And Hurts So Good! It Comes With A Trigger-point Massage Ball Too, Which I Can Use For Knots In My Back. There Is Even A Guide Book And Carrying Case. I Love It!
Sandy Ragan Mosley Sandy Ragan Mosley  

Citrus Fitness 13" Foam Rollers (Pack Of 2) With Bonus Massage Ball [For Workouts]
Erick Ocampo Erick Ocampo  

Hey Everyone So Citrus Fitness Created A Nice Roller Massage Set To Give Your Sore And Stressed Out Muscles A Nice Little Massage To Help Them Heal Faster From A Hardcore Workout. The Best Part Is That You Can Do It Yourself Anywhere On A Flat Surface And It Isn't Very Expensive Compared To Other Roller Sets Out In The Market. It Feels Great On Your Back For All Those Who Have Back Problems And It Has Many More Benefits, But Hey Don't Take My Word For It Try It Out Yourself And Express Your Opinion About It. .
Bianca Mayorga Bianca Mayorga  

Since Having Gone Through Physical Therapy For My Back I Had Put Together A Workout Corner In Our Home
Taylor Caputo Taylor Caputo  

Shout Out To Citrus Fitness I Recieved My Foam Roller In The Mail And Absoultely Love It! It Is Exactly What I Needed After A Long Week Of Working Out And Lifting. This Foam Roller Comes With A Guide To Show You How To Target Different Muscles Throughout Your Body. It Has Recommendations For Neck, Lower & Upper Back, Legs, Arms, And More. The Grooves On The Green Roller Really Dug In And Worked Out All The Knots In My Upper And Lower Back. I Really Like The Fact The The Black Foam Roller Can Slide Inside The Green One And It All Fits Into A Nice Little Carrying Bag.