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14K Gold Dipped Y Necklace - Water Droplet Pendant - Dainty & Hand Wrapped Promotion

Benevolence LA (Los Angeles) is a jewelry brand located in the heart of the downtown Los Angeles fashion scene

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14K Gold Dipped Y Necklace - Water Droplet Pendant - Dainty & Hand Wrapped

Benevolence LA (Los Angeles) is a jewelry brand located in the heart of the downtown Los Angeles fashion scene. We are focused on Celebrity designed and Charity endorsed eco-friendly jewelry. Each piece is connected directly to a particular charitable cause. This Y Necklace is funding clean water systems around the world through our charity partner, Visit for more information.

Carolann Iadarola Carolann Iadarola  

Love my water droplet necklace. What a great deal!
Annie Phillips Annie Phillips  

Gold Necklace -14 K Dipped Y Necklace is beautiful. The clasp is strong so you don't have to worry about it breaking. It looks nice and would make a wonderful gift. #tryitfree
Kristin Harbulak Kristin Harbulak  

Feeling fancy for the doctor. I got this beauty to review. They donate a part of the proceeds to getting clean water to those who need it. Love that! #ad
Angela Suburban Jungle Angela Suburban Jungle  

Cool necklace and supports a good cause
Elsie Racite Elsie Racite  

I absolutely love this necklace. It's a water droplet pendant necklace and the money goes to help fund clean water systems, to give clean drinking water to those in need! #jewelryforacause
Betsy Kiri Betsy Kiri  

Christina Sanders Christina Sanders  

I know it didn't match but this necklace was so pretty, danity, and for such an awesome cause that I had to wear it today.
Lois Jones Lois Jones  

This is the water droplet on the beautiful 14K gold dipped Y necklace from Benevolence LA. I lovethis necklace. it is light weight, simple, yet looks amazing. You can hardly tell you are wearing it and the chain is a perfect length for so many things. it looks wonderful with jeans and a t-shirt or with a nicer outfit! Perfect for so many of the women in your life!
Heather Baker Heather Baker  

Unique and beautiful. Goes with everything!!
Melissa Rand Melissa Rand  

What a beautiful necklace! It's not real gold or anything but beautiful fashion jewelry and each sale helps raise money to bring sustainable water sometimes to Africa!
Cindy Batchelor Cindy Batchelor  

A beautiful 14k gold dipped y necklace from #benevolence. Not only does this necklace look amazing and luxurious with everything, but with each purchase of this lovely #lariatnecklace, $10 is donated for a clean water system #charity with #h40! #jewelryforacause #jewely #necklace #fashion #style #womensfashion #womensfashionblogger #personalshopper #personalstylist #instagood #instadaily #picoftheday a#photooftheday
Adriene Berish Adriene Berish  

This is a beautiful necklace with a crystal teardrop. This would make the most perfect give and comes in a very nice gift box. Please check it out!
Angela Yancy Angela Yancy  

I recently received this little pretty in the mail. ♡ This necklace is beautiful on its own or layered with other pieces. This is both delicate and feminine. I love how this necklace can be adjusted up to 21 inches long which creates a comfortable fit, I don't feel like I am being choked. I am quite pleased with the quality of this piece. This necklace comes in a cute little eco friendly, recycled gift box which can make this a good choice for gift giving. ♡ Another great thing about this "water droplet" necklace is with each purchase Benevolence LA through their charity partner, H4O (Hands4others) contributes $10 toward a sustainable water system in Africa. ●Disclaimer: I received this product for free or at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased opinion● #BenelovenceLA #H4O #hands4others #PrettyThings #charity #waterdroplet
Laurie Harris Laurie Harris  

Nichole Garringer Nichole Garringer  

Danity, sexy and very versatile!! Goes with so many outfits! (Classy and casual) Hurry and get yours for summer at #doesthisworkreviews #gotitfree #productreviewing #productreviewer #productreview #giveawayservice #ynecklace #gotitfree