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10oz Stainless Steel Lowball Tumbler Promotion

Heavy duty & premium quality stainless steel.

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10oz Stainless Steel Lowball Tumbler

Heavy duty & premium quality stainless steel. We choose only high grade food stainless steel that meet US standards, you will not worry while traveling that your lowball will rust and let you down at the crucial moment.
Up to 24 hours hot or cold. Special designed 10oz Fastoni vacuum sealed lowball is the best cup that keep your tea, coffee, whiskey, vine or milk in constant temperature. Don't be hurry, taste your every Oz of your favorite drink.
Compact and lightweight. 10oz lowball is a great size cup for any travel. Don't take a lot space and not overweight your backpack.
Healthy safe non toxic bpafree lid with slider. Bpa free lid makes your lowball absolutely safe for health. Don't worry, are your drink hot or cold, no any toxics will come to your body. Special special slider closure will help you avoid your drinks go out if you accidentally shake lowball.
60 days non questions money-back guarantee. We are 100% sure in quality of our lowballs so we give u 60 days money-back. Be sure that you buy best lowball that u can ever find. You will be satisfied from the first day of use.