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100% Microfiber Suede Towel - XLarge Promotion

Avid traveler or outdoors enthusiast? This towel's got you covered!

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100% Microfiber Suede Towel - XLarge

Avid traveler or outdoors enthusiast? This towel's got you covered! This super compact and absorbent microfiber towel is perfect for those looking for both form and functionality.

Great for: Travel, Camping, Outdoors, Beach, Gym, Yoga, and Fitness.
Highlight Features: Compact, Absorbent, Lightweight, Quick Dry.

Product Details:

*ULTRA ABSORBENT - Absorbs 5x more liquid than standard towels - confidently soak up sweat, shower water, sea, and rain.

*COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT - XLarge 31"x70" towel packs down into a flat 6"x8" mesh carrier bag (included) - fits into the tiniest spaces to save room in your luggage for other necessities.

*FAST DRYING - Wrings out almost completely and dries in less than half the time of standard towels - prevents odor and bacteria - don't be weighed down by a heavy soggy towel.

*PREMIUM QUALITY - Pure microfiber suede is luxuriously soft and lint free - gentle on the skin and prevents damage to the hair.

Its extra large size wraps around your entire body and soaks up dripping water from long hair. The luxuriously light-weight material compactly folds up to take up less room than a t-shirt to pack. The premium microfiber-suede is exceptionally soft, lint-free, and odor free, which is great for daily use and extended travel.

YogiFlex is dedicated to enhancing active lifestyles.

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