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Kinyo FDA Dual-Core Bilateral Breast Pump Promotion

Elegant appearance with effective pump design.

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Kinyo FDA Dual-Core Bilateral Breast Pump

Features: Super silent down to 49 dB. LCD display screen for real-time observation. Elegant appearance with effective pump design. English User Manual : include Product Description, Before-use preparations, Assembling, Basic operation, Optimal operation, Instructions of milk bottle, Bottle milk description, Cleaning and maintenance, Trouble Shooting, Safety announcement, Safety standards, Warranty.
Promote lactation with dual frequency and massage.

Specifications: Material: polypropylene (pp) Color: Yellow Size: Main pump?5 * 5 * 2.4"; Milking funnel ?3.3"; Milk bottle?diameter 2.4" * height 3.9", bottle capacity?140ml (5.0oz) Pipe length: about 29.5" Box size: 13 * 10.8 * 3.5" Power Adapter: US adapter Power input: AC100 ~ 240V, 50 / 60Hz, 0.3A Power output: DC6V, 1A Frequency: 12~60 times/min Suction: 170 ~ 340mmHg, 23 ~ 45Kpa, 9 level adjustment Sound: ? 49dB Buttons Control: single/bilateral Switch; suction adjusters; On/Off/Pause switch; massage switch. Package Includes:Inside the package there shall be a main pump and the parts as follow:Main pump: 1 PCS Milking funnel assembly includes: Tube plug 2pcs; Dust cover 2pcs; Message cushion 2pcs; Funnel cap 2pcs; Air cup 2pcs; Milking funnel 2pcs; Valve base 3pcs; Valve membrane 6pcs; Milk bottle 2pcs; Bottle holder 2pcs; Air tube 3pcs; Nipple cover 1pcs; Nipple 1pcs; Seal cap 2pcs; Nipple cap 1pcs; Power adapter 1pcs.

Talia Smith Talia Smith  

This Is An Awesome Double Breast Pump At An Amazing Price Point. Came With Great Instructions And It Is Nice And Easy To Use.
April Long April Long  

Features: Super Silent Down To 49 DB. LCD Display Screen For Real-time Observation. Elegant Appearance With Effective Pump Design. English User Manual : Include Product Description, Before-use Preparations, Assembling, Basic Operation, Optimal Operation, Instructions Of Milk Bottle, Bottle Milk D...
Brandy Bauers Brandy Bauers  

I Really Like This Breast Pump. It Is Very Unique And Set Apart From All The Other Ones. This Comes Complete With All The Accessories You Need. It Comes With The Pump, Two Tube Plugs, Dust Cover, Massage Cushion, Funnel Caps, Air Cups, Milk Funnels, Valve Bases, Membranes, Two Bottles, Bottle Holder, Air Tube, Nipple Cover, Nipple, Seal Cap, Nipple Cap And Power Adapter And A User Manual. This Breast Pump Is Electric And Easy To Use. It's Very Quiet - My Other Breast Pump I Have (a Madela) Is Super Loud And There Is NO Hiding When You Are Pumping, It Makes You Feel Like A Cow. The Vacuum Is Strong But You Can Adjust It - It Has Nine Levels And A Dual Breast Pump. It's Nice That There Is A Seal Cap So The Milk Cannot Flow Back Into The Pump (which Is How I Ruined My Last Pump). This One Is Unique Because It Has An LCD Display! It Shows The Suction Status. It Has A Double Frequency Exchange - To Produce More Milk - Like Massaging And It Will Express More. It Mimics How A Baby Would Suck To Produce The Most. Everything Is BPA Free Of Course. This Is Everything You Need In One Kit, You Shouldn't Have To Buy Anything Else. The Pieces Are Nice And Soft And Comfortable. There Is Not Any Pulling Or Pinching. It Fits Well And Works Well. It Has A Unique Style And Doesn't Even Look Like A Breast Pump, I Really Like This One. I Am Very Happy With My Purchase And I Would Recommend This Product. I Received This Product At A Discount Or For Free In Exchange For My Honest And Unbiased Review.