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Free Your Hands Bamboo Wood Charging Stand Promotion

This changing station is ideal for anyone who has various Apple products

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Free Your Hands Bamboo Wood Charging Stand

Cellphone was missing again? Looking for the phone here and there? Fed up of watching a mess desk?

Now don't worry about that! This stand is a Perfect Organizer! Keep your phones, tablets, Apple Watch, lightning cable and pens in a tidy way. Whether you are watching a film, playing games or eating, offering you more comfortable and different experience. You will never miss any calls, messages, alarm clock or looking for the phone here and there.

Luxury Style:
Luxury charging dock for home or office, handcrafted by a whole piece of natural bamboo wood, no splice no glue, extremely durable, sure to enshrine your Apple iWatch, iPhone, iPad and iPod!

7-in-one Design:
1 * Apple Watch Charging Stand + 2 * Smartphone Stand/Charging Holder + 1 * Tablet Holder/Charging Stand + 3 * Different-sized Stylus Pens Pot; High ability in toughness, anti-slip & shockproof, perfect in shape and touching feeling.

Perfect Organizer:
Keep your phones, tablets, Apple Watch, lightning cable and pens in a tidy way. Never worry about them on your desk in a mess way or even missing!

Hidden Wired Design:
Special cutout for the Apple Watch charger (Can be used separately) - The wire can be hidden to keep cord organized, no more mess of charger cable.

7.28 x 4.33 x 3.07 inches; Weight: 11.52 ounces; Bamboo wood stand only, accessories are NOT included; 18 months warranty
Because Amazon would remove the reviews for free products. Please understand that I can only provide the product at a discounted price that will just cost $1.

Carolann Iadarola Carolann Iadarola  

Lovin my Bamboo Charging Stand! #woodchargingstand
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Wood Charging Stand is promoting Free Your Hands Bamboo Wood Charging Stand #woodchargingstand
Carolann Iadarola Carolann Iadarola  

Loving my new charging/docking station! #woodchargingstand
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