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Headlamp Flashlight Promotion

As outdoors enthusiasts, we know how critical it is to use a headlamp you forget you're wearing and can be worn comfortably for 8+ hours

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[Brightest & Lightest] Headlamp Flashlight

POWERFUL - At 160 lumens, it's powerful. Whether you are biking, camping, running, fishing, wearing hardhat or have an emergency, improve your work visibility with our powerful Capper Nano cree headlamp flashlight. Best of all: your visibility will be HANDS-FREE!

2 SEPARATED BUTTONS - This headlamp having 2 separated buttons for either Red LED or White light makes choosing the right mode pretty easy and very convenient.

ADJUSTABLE - Adjustable strap fits adults or children. Feel safer letting your kids play outside after dark.

WATERPROOF - No matter in heavy rain or thick fog, this headlamp wil always work normally, ensuring your safe.

FREE BOUNS 11 FUNCTION SURVIVAL POCKET TOOL - This tool in Amazon price is $3.99.