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[2-IN-1] 8000mAh Power Bank Portable External Battery Promotion

Do you often run out of your smartphone battery when you need it most? We have got a perfect solution for you.

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[2-IN-1] 8000mAh Power Bank Portable External Battery

EXCLUSIVE FIRST PHONE STAND FUNCTION: Leather cover can be folded and support as a holder,enjoy the movie while charging.
UNIQUE BREATHING LIGHT OF BATTERY INDICATOR: Slide the touch switch to wake up the power indicator in expiration light design, red light(1-24% power),green light(25-50% power),white light(51-100% power).You bet, it would be one of the best companions you would like to be with always.
DUAL FAST USB CHARGER: This portable charger comes with 2.1A USB port that allow for faster charging of your smartphones. You no longer need to wait for one mobile phone to get charged before you can plug in another one - get up to 2 mobile phones charged simultaneously and at the same lightning speed.
BUSINESS STYLE: Wallet structure design with slim textured synthetic leather cover providing a secure grip in your hand or on surfaces. Apply to any business occasions.
MAXIMIZE COMPATIBILITY WITH ANDROID,APPLE OR OTHER DEVICES: Universal fits for iPhone, iPod, Samsung devices, cell phones, tablet PC.