Frequently Asked Questions  for businesses

What is Giveaway Service?
Giveaway Service is a platform where brands connect with influencers to get testimonials and reviews on their products.
Is Giveaway Service free for businesses?
For your basic demands we offer Silver Plan, which costs only $50/mo. We offer other two subscription packages (Gold and Platinum), created to meet all the demands of our clients. They cost $100 and $150 monthly, and offer various helpful and efficient features. For further information please click here.
Where can I start?
You can read detailed instructions here.
In case you need any additional information, our Customer Support professionals will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. Most emails are answered within 12 hours. Moreover, you may find the answer to your question in our Community Center.
Do I have to give products free of charge?
Discounted purchase price must not be higher than 25% of the retail price. If you enter a higher price, or start asking authors to pay more then what you entered here, we will cancel the promotion and suspend your account. If you want to send your products free of charge, please enter 0.00.
How long does it take to approve a promotion?
Promotions are approved no later than 24 hours. All promotions are manually reviewed and approved by our Support Team before they go live, so please adjust the dates accordingly.
How many promotions can I run simultaneously?
The Silver Plan offers 5 active promotions at once. The Gold Plan offers 10 active promotions at once, whereas the Platinum Plan offers 15 active promotions at once.

For further information, click here.
How can I approve an author and ship products to the author?
Go to My Promotions page. Click Applicants button and you will see the list of authors who applied. Next to "Author" you will see "Approve" button. When you approve an author we will send an email notification. Once you approve an author, you will see "Ship" button. When you ship your product or send coupon code to the author, press "Ship" button, and we will notify the author about that.

IMPORTANT: You can send your product FREE OF CHARGE to the author, or you may send one-time-use coupon code.

For further information, please refer to this link.
How will a business know author wrote a review?
“Task report” feature on "Manage authors for promotion" page allows you to have a thorough insight into the status of the task. This way you can keep track of the progress made by the authors, and make sure the task had been completed which is of the utmost importance. Once the review is verified, the business can review all of the verified reviews in one easy-to-read place.
Amazon reviews are no longer subject to Verification percentage calculation. These reviews will not participate in the creation of Tasks reports.


What happens if an author doesn't review my product?
It is not mandatory, but the entire purpose of is to create reviews (positive or negative) about the product. If authors do not review the products like they promised, business can negatively rate the authors which will surely influence their approval rate in the future.

The percentage of reviews an author completes and verifies on time, their Verification Percentage, is tracked by our software. Businesses do not usually choose authors with a low Verification Percentage because they are considered unreliable. As a community, everyone helps police the website to keep people honest.

Amazon reviews are optional and no longer subject to verification. You can read all about it here.
Why and how to report bad authors?
How to deal with irresponsible authors? Read this set of instructions.
Does a person need to give me a positive review? advocates honest reviews about products. will not mediate negative Giveaway Service ratings if an author gives a business a negative review. If is contacted by either party (business or author), encourages them to contact the other party before posting a negative review.

It is against the rules to demand authors to post positive reviews in spite of not being satisfied with the product or some other aspect of cooperation. We are in favor of writing and posting honest unbiased reviews.
What to do in case of a negative review?
What to do in case you do not get a positive review? Read all about it here.
How to make a featured promotion?
Featured promotions plan option was created for customers who recognize how advantageous marketing can be. Using this option can help you emphasize the importance of your promotions. When you make some of your promotions featured, they will be shown at the beginning of the promotion list as long as they are active. This way, you can make sure your promotion is seen before other unfeatured promotions on the “Promotions” page. For further information and detailed instructions check out this article.
How to use Giveaway Service to generate social buzz?
You will be able to reach an audience that's already interested in the topic and share the offer of your fantastic product with people who will listen attentively. Here's how.
How does Giveaway Service increase my ROI?
Studies show that readers trust the blogs they read so businesses can submit free products to bloggers as a marketing strategy for minimal cost. Bloggers may influence thousands, if not millions of people who see your product review and then, potentially, make a decision to purchase your product. In short, the cost of getting your product in front of millions of people could be the cost of one free product. Now, that’s an ROI anyone can live with.

For further information, please refer to this article.

IMPORTANT: We do not encourage "link exchange" or "buy link fraud". The entire purpose of is to create reviews (positive or negative) about the product. We do not ask our members to include a link in their post.
Why to cooperate with authors on Giveaway Service?
If a customer has experienced something far beyond their expectations, they will surely share it with others. Here is why this is going to help your business grow.
What kind of people are in the Giveaway Service community? is always attracting new people and currently has everyone: from mommies to tech bloggers. When creating a promotion, you will be able to select what kind of blogger niche you would like to review your product. This is why our authors are advised to fully fill out their profile page information.
How much time do authors have to review a product?
Authors have 30 days from the day when the product was marked "shipped" to complete and verify their required tasks. Giveaway Service wants to be sure that authors have enough time from the moment they receive the product and test it, to the moment when they publish their reviews. Giveaway Service encourages authors to write honest reviews about products they receive.
How and why should businesses rate authors?
After the author had reviewed the product the business should rate the author. This is very important. Moreover, business should respect honest reviews and authors must not be penalized because the business didn't like all the comments. The business has the power to rate and review each author using the Giveaway service star rating system. Businesses do not want to choose authors with a low rating and/or low verification percentage because they are considered unreliable. This way everyone helps police the Giveaway service website to keep people honest.

Here are instructions about rating authors.
What is Verification Percentage?
Author's verification percentage is the percentage of tasks completed and verified within 30 days of a product being shipped. For example, 80% verification means the author has completed 8 out of 10 reviews within 30 days of the product being shipped to him. Our recommendation for a business is that they choose an author with verification percentage of 80% or higher.

Amazon reviews are no longer subject to Verification percentage calculation. All other tasks are.
Are ebooks allowed?
Since March 1st 2015 e-books are not allowed. Only the paper version is allowed.
Are adult products allowed on Giveaway Service?
No, they are not. Absolutely no adult products are allowed on
Which messaging content is not allowed?
Violation of these rules is the cause for account suspension:
  • Asking for personal information (email addresses, shipping addresses, profile links, etc.) All information required to approve, ship, and review authors’ work are already provided by the Giveaway Service software.
  • It is not in accordance with our ToU to send messages suggesting authors to purchase products not promoted on Giveaway Service.
  • Offering to work with or pay authors outside of Giveaway Service or requesting any action that violates Giveaway Service ToU.

Violation of these rules is the cause for account suspension.
Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
Yes. Businesses can cancel their subscription at any time by contacting us via e-mail or Community Threads section. Make sure to include your account e-mail address.