Frequently Asked Questions  for authors

What is Giveaway Service?
Giveaway Service is a platform where brands connect with authors to get testimonials and reviews on their products.
Is Giveaway Service free for authors?
Yes. is free for authors.
Are the products given away on Giveaway Service free?
The products are free or heavily discounted. The discounted price is set by the Business. Discounted purchase price must not be higher than 25% of the retail price.
What makes a good author's profile?
Creating a detailed profile is important for authors because this is the first step of getting noticed by businesses. A good profile is what attracts businesses and by having it, you will be approved for promotions more often. Read instructions here.
Why should an author fully fill out all social media information?
Many businesses want to ensure they are engaging with authors who are motivated, determined and engaged in the social space. For highly competitive promotions, businesses want to be able to reach the most influential authors in the web sphere. In addition, updating your social profile will assist Giveaway Service in connecting you with suitable businesses according to your capabilities.
For an author it is of crucial importance to be highly visible and noticeable on the Internet by a large number of people. The more followers he/she has, the more businesses are interested in cooperating with him/her.
When businesses ask authors to write posts on their social networks, they are looking for someone with lots of FB friends, Twitter and Instagram followers, etc. They want your review to be read and they want it noticed by a large number of people.
How do I verify my blog?

Blog verification process is not difficult, but we at Giveaway Service have decided to guide our users through it, step by step. You can read them here.

What is Verification percentage and how is it calculated?
Verification percentage is the percent of promotions completed and verified within the number of days from ship date/coupon upload date that was committed to during the application process. Products that are not marked shipped/uploaded do not negatively impact your Verification percentage. Amazon reviews are no longer subject to Verification percentage calculation.  
Example:  If you have received 7 products, have verified only 5 reviews within committed days of shipment/upload, your Verification percentage is 71%.
What is Total reach and how is it calculated?
Total reach will show how many people are reached by posts you published, i.e. is the sum of your social channels.
Total Reach = Facebook friends, fans & likes + Twitter followers + Instagram followers + YouTube subscribers
How to use coupon codes?
Once you are approved to review a product, you will receive a coupon code to the email address that you registered your Giveaway Service account with. Read a detailed article about how to use the codes here.
How to get the products on Amazon?
You can read detailed instructions here (images included).
When is a product considered shipped?
When a coupon code is updated, a product is considered shipped.
How long does a review need to be?
You can read detailed instructions here.
Do I need to mention Giveaway Service in my post?
No, you don't need to mention Giveaway Service as long as you are following the guidelines.
Are reviews on required?
No, to comply with Amazon’s updated Customer Reviews Guidelines, if a business is asking for a product to be reviewed on it is not required. Creating a review on Amazon is no longer an obligation. This is called to "get deals with no requirement or expectation of a review".
Why was my review rejected or removed from Amazon?
If your review does not comply with Amazon’s Customer Review Creation Guidelines, it may be rejected or removed. Amazon will not accept reviews that are not about the product, that contain inappropriate or offensive content, or that contain promotional content. Read additional information here.
Will I be paid for writing reviews?
You do not receive any kind of compensation. You get free or heavily discounted products.
When should I leave my review?
We encourage honest and unbiased reviews. Authors have 30 days from Shipment date to verify their reviews. Some products can be reviewed sooner. You are advised to take your time and test product thoroughly.
What are my responsibilities?
Author’s responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Follow ToU of Giveaway Service and sites where you are posting
  • Carefully read promotions and only apply to ones you are interested in and can complete in a timely manner (Up to 30 days from when product was marked “Shipped”.)
  • Connect with business using our messaging service regarding any concern or issue with the product or promotion
  • Respond to messages in a timely manner. Never provide personal information (e-mail address, phone number, shipping address, etc.) via the messages - All necessary information is provided to the business via Giveaway Service software
  • Post unique content when completing tasks. Never copy & paste fake, general or others’ reviews. Read instructions here
  • Verify valid links that direct to the actual post/review
How are products shipped?
The business may ship products via any carrier it prefers.
May authors resell products?
It is against our Terms of Use to resell products gotten via Giveaway Service. Reselling products is the reason for immediate account termination.
What to do if I'm not satisfied with the product?
If you get a product that is of bad quality, we encourage you to talk with the business before giving the product a negative review. This way, the business can work out problems with their products and possibly send you a new one after improvements are made. We encourage you to post honest and unbiased reviews. However, cooperating with the business before posting a negative review can be beneficial for both parties.
How to report businesses?
If you are dealing with a business that is not acting accordingly or disregarding our Terms of Use, you can read this.
What is a featured promotion?
The promotion was marked "Featured" by a business in order for authors to notice it faster. It has the purpose to encourage authors to apply for it, because it is particularly important or significant to that business. It is set in peach-colored rectangle and visible at the beginning of the "Promotions" page.
How to rate businesses?
You can find detailed instructions here.
Can I have more than one account?
Absolutely no more than one account per household is allowed. If there are duplicate accounts within one household, we may suspend all accounts in question.