I made a mistake. How do I correct it?

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Elizabeth Morales Elizabeth Morales 09/26/2015 11:05
I accidentally posted the link to my amazon profile. Instead of the review link. How do I correct that?
Paul Blum Paul Blum 09/26/2015 11:35
Hi Elizabeth, Please send me the correct url and promotion title, and I will fix that for you. Best Regards, Paul
Elizabeth Morales Elizabeth Morales 09/27/2015 18:34
Hi Paul, thank you for the fast response. The items are: Grizzly Claws Meat Shredder Promotion & At Home Teeth Whitening Kit Promotion. I haven't even been approved. I thought it was asking me for my amazon profile link.
Paul Blum Paul Blum 09/28/2015 04:17
Hi Elizabeth, I've removed that URL. Cheers, Paul
Elizabeth Morales Elizabeth Morales 09/28/2015 06:09
Thank you very much Paul :)

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