Can not sign into

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Michele Carter Michele Carter 09/23/2015 17:29
When trying to log into via your site it is not allowing me to do so. However I can open a new tab type in and log in so I know I have correct username and password. Got any ideas? I have a review coming up and that is one of my requirements how do I prove to to that it is posted on my instagram?
Paul Blum Paul Blum 09/24/2015 02:56
Hi Michele, We tested with several test accounts and it worked. Also I see in database that 50+ people have connected their Instagram accounts in the last 2 days. Can you please try to open Instagram in another tab and log in, and then to connect that account from Giveaway Service. Best Regards, Paul
Michele Carter Michele Carter 09/24/2015 16:04
I got on the desktop computer and it let me sign right in. I was attempting to sign in on my phone, which is how I signed up for the rest of your site. Hmmm, who da thought?

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