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Cassie Dixon Cassie Dixon 09/08/2015 07:50
I have tried to get assistance with for over a week now, with no help whatsoever. I am not able to verify my blog post for two reviews because the blog url had initially be entered incorrectly. I have changed this on my profile (my blogs), and I wrote on comment on the community forum, which someone from support stated they would correct. This has not yet be done, and my promotions are still saying they are incomplete because I cant verify my blog post. Can you please let me know what the status of this? Thank you!
Paul Blum Paul Blum 09/08/2015 08:53
Hi Cassie, Please send me URLs and promotion titles, and we will fix all issues for you. Thanks, Paul
Cassie Dixon Cassie Dixon 09/08/2015 09:13
My blog URL is The URL for the blog review (for both promotions) is The promotion titles is Balloon Monsoon Fast Filling Wand Balloon REFILL Kit. Promotion and Balloon Monsoon Water Balloon Fast Fill Self Tying Kit. Thank you!
Cassie Dixon Cassie Dixon 09/08/2015 12:18
Thank you!! It's been fixed. I was able to verify my blog posts. Thanks so much!
Paul Blum Paul Blum 09/16/2015 04:02
Dear Cassie, I will close this issue now. Best Regards, Paul

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