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Kimberly Maurer Kimberly Maurer 09/08/2015 04:54
I did not realize when I joined that the links to our reviews would be added to the promotion pages here after they were completed. Did you? They go right at the bottom of the page!!! With all the downvoting crusades that are going on from other reviewers that are jealous for whatever reason, or are just trying to get ahead, this is literally handing our heads on a platter to them! If we had the ability to opt out, it would be one thing, but there is no way to do that here. You've been warned, if you stay and get large streams of downvoting, you'll know one reason why. It's a shame there are so many haters out there, but there are, and in order to protect my Amazon account, I have no choice but to leave. Good luck!
Paul Blum Paul Blum 09/08/2015 05:23
Hey Kimberly, Thank you for your message. I will leave your message public, because I believe it is very important that all members know this. You are correct - once you publish Facebook post or complete any other action, we will put link to your review at the bottom of promotion page. Your honest opinion should be public for many reasons. You are receiving free product (or with 99% discount), but in return you should complete all required tasks and you should leave your honest comments on social media websites. If you want, I can suspend your account. Best Regards, Paul
Kimberly Maurer Kimberly Maurer 09/10/2015 02:21
Thank you Paul for leaving it up. Our honest opinion is public on Amazon, that should be sufficient. A copy of our review without a link to it would be enough here. I've been a victim of these downvote crusades. I gather it is not something this site is aware of that is going on in MASS quantities. If we had the option to not have our review link posted, I'd participate again. Our profiles on Amazon are targets for other reviewers to get ahead by downvoting our reviews. GIveaway Service is saying to those that do this despicable act, "Here you go, here's another one for you", and feed us to the wolves, literally. I'm trying to help you, help your site, and help the very reviewers who participate here in good faith. I was horrified to see my review link posted, and with good reason. I still wouldn't know, had I not randomly gone back to a promotion page I participated in. Don't suspend for now. I would like to see this site become the best.

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