"Approve" and "Reject" buttons in Messaging

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Arvana Robinson Arvana Robinson 08/23/2015 08:48
When messaging an applicant for a promotion, it would save time if the promotion(s) that they applied for were shown right on the message page, with Approve and Reject buttons. As it is now, if I decide to approve or reject an applicant after messaging them for clarification, I have to go back to the Manage Promotion page and search for them before I can approve them. When managing 100 or more applicants, this would save a lot of time!
Paul Blum Paul Blum 08/26/2015 23:18
Hi Arvana, this is taken under consideration. Thank you for suggestion.
Arvana Robinson Arvana Robinson 08/27/2015 11:07
Awesome, thank you! :)

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