Signing up my Amazon Account

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Salisha Ali Salisha Ali 08/16/2015 14:55
I am a newbie to this website and would like to inquire about my social account. Amazon in particular...Would my cc information be shared? Signing in through Giveaway Service to my Amazon account would that jeopardize my account in anyway? I am a bit hesitant about this...Please inform...Thank you.
Qurrat-ul-ain Fatima Qurrat-ul-ain Fatima 08/16/2015 21:14
Your payment information is private no one can see it. I have been using giveaway service from a couple months now and never had an issue.
Paul Blum Paul Blum 08/18/2015 02:48
Hi Salisha, I wanted to explain how connecting with other websites work on Giveaway Service (Facebook, Amazon, Twitter etc). Giveaway service uses other website APIs to connect your accounts, that means that Giveaway Service does not get your usernames or passwords for the those websites. When you are connected, you gave some permissions to Giveaway Service for those websites, they have asked you to give that permissions when you were connecting. And you can see for what data is Giveaway Service asking permission. Usually it is birthday, ability to see posts, username or email address. Private data like credit card, password etc is not even allowed to bee seen by those websites, and it cannot be stolen that way. I hope this helps.
Salisha Ali Salisha Ali 08/18/2015 04:38
Thank you Paul for your detailed answered. It did indeed put my hesitations to rest. Many thanks. Thank you Qurrat for replying as well.

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