I thought these promotions were FREE for review?

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Alicia DG Alicia DG 08/16/2015 14:45
I just joined last week and have applied for several promotions. I was under the impression that these are free for review. I have been approved twice so far, and both sellers have asked me to pay for their items. Is this usual?
Erika Avila Erika Avila 08/17/2015 12:57
I had to pay .03 pennies for an item a few days ago and I was ok with that because it is completely affordable :) I paid $5 for an item yesterday but seller refunded me $5 via paypal I want to say that most offers should be free and I would not take the sellers offer if I do not feel comfortable in spending the money unless I am getting refunded :) good luck!
Paul Blum Paul Blum 08/18/2015 04:08
Hi Alicia, if on the promotion page does not say that product is not free, then you do not have to pay for it. If business asks you for money in private messages you should report them to us, and if you do not want to pay for that item, we can remove your from the promotion.
Tonya Collins Tonya Collins 08/28/2015 06:40
I thought the same thing, but when I added the item to my cart I had to pay $.99. Its not a big deal since it was an item I was interested in but the listing should say.
Kimberly Maurer Kimberly Maurer 09/08/2015 04:46
This happens A LOT with this site. I've only applied for a few promotions, and sellers will email BEFORE they approve you to ask if you are willing to pay for it or not. That plus the fact that links to our reviews are shown on the product page here after they are completed is why I am removing myself from this site! The latter is actually my MAIN reason, as apparently, this site has no idea what it is like in "review land" where it is CUT-THROAT, and reviewers are down-voting other reviewers so they can move up! So, advertising our review links is HURTING US!!! We should be able to opt to not have our reviews included PUBLICLY on this site. Yes, they are public on Amazon, but this is literally handing us on a stake to all those that are haters, or just devious! Had I known this activity was done on this site, I NEVER would have joined in the first place!
Paul Blum Paul Blum 09/08/2015 05:34
Hi to all... Please let us know if businesses ask for money. They have to send you products free of charge or with 99% discount code (or to refund you). If they are asking you to pay for products, we will work with them to stop doing that, or we will suspend promotions and their accounts. Keep in mind that this service is free of charge, and we are trying to make everyone happy. We do not need haters or scammers here. Thanks, Paul
Paul Blum Paul Blum 09/08/2015 05:35
Kimberly, I already answered you here: https://www.giveawayservice.com/backoffice/community-issues/show/774 . "Hey Kimberly, Thank you for your message. I will leave your message public, because I believe it is very important that all members know this. You are correct - once you publish Facebook post or complete any other action, we will put link to your review at the bottom of promotion page. Your honest opinion should be public for many reasons. You are receiving free product (or with 99% discount), but in return you should complete all required tasks and you should leave your honest comments on social media websites. If you want, I can suspend your account. Best Regards, Paul"
Karen Boyd Karen Boyd 10/02/2015 13:15
If you accept any kind of payment other than a coupon code or a free copy of the item sent to you, you are risking your account with Amazon (if that applies). Reviewers are getting removed right and left because of receiving compensation for reviews. Be careful. Amazon is watching reviewers who use clubs like this. I am stopping because of this, and if you are serious about being an Amazon reviewer, you may want to just be very careful. Amazon TOS says the only acceptable way is a free copy of the product, up front. I don't even accept paypal or gift cards for shipping if they offer.
Tonya Folson Tonya Folson 10/13/2015 03:46
Paul, I was asked by a seller to pay because, as theyAmazon does not count freebies in their product count
Tonya Folson Tonya Folson 10/13/2015 03:51
I'm sorry, posted too soon. As the seller said, Amazon does not count freebies in the product count sold by that vendor. I was new to this site and didn't know they should charge know more than 1%. I honestly rated the product 3 stars, and was then rated a 6 on here by them, which I'm sure hurts my approval rating. I've reached out to ask why only 6 stars (although I know it was because of my Amazon review), and they have failed to respond. Is there a way for me to contact you privately with the company's info? Is it possible to update my company rating o.j. here?
Karen Boyd Karen Boyd 10/13/2015 07:03
Hi Tonya, I'm not Paul, but am a seasoned reviewer. If they ask for $ more than disclosed on the promotion, I simply opt out. The review is for the product, not for the company's behavior as unethical as it may be. There is seller feedback you can give about them, and on here when you rate the company. But even if I think the seller is a total ass-hat, I will rate the product honestly on Amazon, and then let them know what I think through other means. If you thought the product was 3 stars without thinking about how much you paid, then they are truly jerks and you should let us all know who they are. :P
Erika Avila Erika Avila 10/13/2015 07:08
Yes please post the name of the company... I sure would not like to go through that nightmare.
Tonya Folson Tonya Folson 10/13/2015 07:44
Karen, I was referring to updating my seller rating on here. My product review was honest and that I wouldn't change! The company is TSB, The Smiling Baby. I bought an Amber teething necklace and specified in my review that I rated it 3 stars because it's advertised to help teething symptoms and it didn't do anything for my child (she actually seemed MORE cranky when I put it on her). I did give them what praise I could, but I wasn't going to be dishonest in the number of stars and don't think it's fair that they can give me a low review with nothing more than a "thank you" in the comments!
Karen Boyd Karen Boyd 10/13/2015 08:10
I think many of the sellers think they are going to get 100% 5-star reviews because they give the items for free or a steep discount. I tell them before I accept the promotion, that if they even 'ask' for a positive review, that they are violating Amazon TOS and my integrity is more important than that. I don't know if Paul or whoever from here monitors these forums that much so you may want to start a new thread or ask a new question. I don't find a way to contact Paul directly. Maybe through Facebook messages?
Tonya Folson Tonya Folson 10/13/2015 08:12
Thanks, Karen! I'll try fb.

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