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Shopaholic Forever Shopaholic Forever 08/14/2015 13:29
Hi There, I'm a UK resident with Amazon prime, a few items I see for reviews are sold also on If accepted for a promotion would I need to leave my review on the .com site or the site? And if it says can a UK person still apply for it. I don't have a blog just my Amazon UK profile with reviews I have done for my purchases and another review site. Sorry it just seems that all the promotion are for .com even though it says you can still apply if you live in the UK. Do the sellers ship the items or is it through Amazon? Never purchased anything from Amazon outside the UK before. Apologies for long question just a lot of items I would like to apply for but don't want to waste the sellers time if I can't apply for them. Thanks
Paul Blum Paul Blum 08/14/2015 22:14
Hi Shopaholic, we have some businesses from the UK, but the most of them are from USA. You can apply on every promotion here, but that does not mean that you will be approved to do a review for that product, because businesses choose what people will do a review for their product. Once you apply, it could help a lot to message the business asking these questions, and if they do not mind your location they will probably approve you for a review.
Shopaholic Forever Shopaholic Forever 08/14/2015 22:49
Hi Paul, Thanks for your quick reply, ok so I can message the sellers, I wasn't aware I could do that. Sorry may sound like a silly question, but how would I msg a seller, I'm viewing this site from my phone. Should I go on my PC to be able to msg them. Thanks for the above msg.

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