Hi I need to be removed from this campaign as I don't fit the measurements

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Cindy Batchelor Cindy Batchelor 08/06/2015 07:39
Valdler 2015 Women Black One Piece Cutout Design Sexy Swimsuit Swimwear Bikini Promotion Thank you! Cindy Batchelor MyStyleSpot.net
Kimberly Maurer Kimberly Maurer 08/06/2015 19:06
Another reason it would be great to be able to delete a promotion ourselves.
Paul Blum Paul Blum 08/07/2015 00:22
Hi Cindy, when you are approved for promotion you should contact the business about that first, you have message button next to your promotion in "My Reviews" section (I unarchived your review). This is because the business might e started preparing the product for you. Once you notify the business wait their response for couple of days, and then contact us again, or maybe they will to remove you from the promotion.

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