Company threats

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Marisa Marie Marisa Marie 07/21/2015 15:37
I was approved for a product and the seller sent $2.99 through PayPal and I used it to purchase item on Amazon and I did. I even sent confirmation number then weeks later the order was canceled for some reason and the seller was messaging me which I never saw because I was on vacation and he threaten me to contact giveaway service because he wants the $2.99 back and so I sent it via PayPal then I thought about something now I loss this money and why should I pay it back I used it to purchase the product on Amazon I didn't keep it. I am going to make a complaint on PayPal and here I wabt my money back and for this seller to not allowed to speak to people like he spoke to me. I have all messages available.
Marisa Marie Marisa Marie 07/21/2015 15:39
Hi Marissa, we have not received your refund yet. I believe that this is an oversight. Please action refund within 1 day. We do need to report such issues within a week to giveaway. Thanks Bill Han07/21/2015 13:12:47 Marissa You have ignored my messages. This is just $2.99 we are talking about. We will now report you to Giveaway and ban you from our promotions. This is not an expected code of conduct from a blogger!

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