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PJ Reviewer PJ Reviewer 07/19/2015 23:18
I just received this message: Arnas Strioga 07/19/2015 13:25:50 Greetings, I see you have been aplied for my salt and pepper grinder promotion,unfortunately i can't give it for free because it can increase my conversion rate (amazon don’t like when seller give product for less than 2$),i was wondering would you still be intrested in buying our product for 2$ and leaving your review? Best Regards ---- I explained to this company that they are NOT giving anything away for "free". My review is valuable and worth money, and I was really insulted they implied my review was worthless and they couldn't give things away for "free". I also explained to them if they wanted to charge $2.00 plus a review for their product, then they need to change their ad because I would have not wasted my time applying to review it had their been a chargeCan the admin of this site please tell this company they need to change their ad and include they charge $2.00 plus a review for their product? Thank you.
Cody Blosberg Cody Blosberg 07/23/2015 09:22
I had the exact same issue with this product and received the same email letter for letter. I would think having these companies contact people that applied directly and asking them for payment would be against the terms and conditions? It seems unethical to me! I did pay the $2 not thinking anything of it at the time but don't worry its not worth the $2...pretty low quality. I would like to get my $2 back though!
PJ Reviewer PJ Reviewer 07/23/2015 19:17
Hi Cody, I also thought this was against the TOS of this site..which is why I posted this here..but as you can see there is no response from the Admin of this site. And if you had this shipped with Amazon can indeed get your money back. Just find the order on your Amazon "return or replace items"..then click "defective"..then choose either to print out your own label or have UPS bring you a label (both free services)..and as soon as Amazon sees that the tracking number is in their system after being scanned by UPS you will get your money back even before they receive it. If you didn't do this through Amazon Prime..then call Amazon. And I am assuming this was done through Amazon so I hope I'm right. I didn't buy this I was just too insulted..but sorry to hear it wasn't poor quality. =(
PJ Reviewer PJ Reviewer 07/23/2015 19:18
^TYPO^..I meant sorry to hear it WAS poor quality. =/
Paul Blum Paul Blum 07/26/2015 00:45
If business charges 2$ for its product (because if they give it for free, it can hurt their amazon account), they clearly need to state this in the review guidelines or shipping options on promotion page. In other case you can be removed from promotion that requires you to pay some amount for a product.

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