Product I received not showing up in my reviews

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Rhonda Meadows Rhonda Meadows 07/15/2015 17:59
I received ekSel COOL Oven Gloves during the same time I received my grill mats. I have the mats showing up in my reviews and have completed it but do not have a link to complete my tasks for the oven gloves. Any idea on what I need to do I am looking at all the reviews and not just those I applied to.
Paul Blum Paul Blum 07/26/2015 00:33
Hi Rhonda. You have not applied to that promotion, please apply for it, and let the business know that you got the product.
Rhonda Meadows Rhonda Meadows 07/26/2015 13:45
When I find this promotion it says it is expired.

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