Twitter Messages Too Long

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Jennifer Tyree Jennifer Tyree 07/12/2015 13:40
I've just edited roughly 3 or 4 different twitter messages because the seller/business didn't do a character count before entering what they wanted to go into the box. Can this be something that can be enforced, or at least checked before they send it to us to post? The links can either be shortened using or some other shortening service if necessary. Can this be done or is this something that is automatically done by the system when they input their promotion? Again, is there a way to fix it in advance? I don't mind fixing it, but I don't want the business/seller to be mad that it had been changed, even if just slightly. Your website also doesn't have a character count so I'm guessing when I shorten it here quickly. Thanks.
Misty Lowe Misty Lowe 07/25/2015 17:45
Just use a link shortner and it will fix it
Paul Blum Paul Blum 07/25/2015 22:46
Hi Jennifer, Sorry for a long response. This is a suggested message for twitter, and you do not need to follow how it looks like, unless business did not told you so in review guidelines. The idea of limiting character number is great, and probably will be implemented in some future releases.

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