Says the "code" isn't in the Amazon Review.... ?

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Jennifer Tyree Jennifer Tyree 07/12/2015 13:21
So I posted my review for one of my products. I entered the "code word" that they ask for me to enter into the review. It's actually in there twice for good measure (it makes sense in both sentences). Yet when I copy the permalink to my review and enter it to the website here, it says that the words aren't there..... ummm yea it is! What can I do to get this fixed?
Jennifer Tyree Jennifer Tyree 07/12/2015 13:23
Ah. nevermind. It actually went through a few minutes after I submitted this. Thanks anyways :)
Paul Blum Paul Blum 09/16/2015 00:17
Dear Jennifer, I will close this issue now. Best Regards, Paul

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