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Paul Easton Paul Easton 02/08/2015 18:35
If the most wanted outcome is verified Amazon Reviews, are the results confirmed in the this system
Paul Blum Paul Blum 02/09/2015 11:33
We have our internal verification system. Blogger must add our code (Reference ID) in order to verify Amazon review.
Kwah Jones Kwah Jones 03/07/2015 17:07
Nantucket Nutritionals Nantucket Nutritionals 08/24/2015 11:01
Paul, can you elaborate? I have just sent out five products to Bloggers, and want to make sure that they are aware of this step. Is this generally known by users of the site, or should I send them a message asking them to include a Reference ID? Alternatively, (in the future), could I provide a coupon code to use so that the blogger is able to purchase my product at a greatly reduced (or free) price through Amazon, so they automatically show as a verified purchase?

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