Pay for Reviews

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Louisa Rettler Louisa Rettler 09/03/2017 12:03
I would like EVERYONE to know that these businesses asking to reimburse you for ordering their products is against Amazon rules and your account will be removed if you get caught. Amazon lets businesses provide a coupon & get discounted products for reviews and you can review 5 a week. When they offer you a Paypal - that is going around their rules. And also that moves it to a verified purchase and not a review purchase which is against Amazon TOS too. I think Giveaway Services should suspend these accounts for breaking Amazon's rules and jeopardizing our accounts. This is not cool.
Paul Blum Paul Blum 09/03/2017 23:12
Hi Lousia, that kind if business is forbidden on our website, as well as on Amazon website, and it can lead into account suspension for the brand, and on Amazon consequences are much higher. We would appreciate if you could click on report message whenever a brand sends you that kind of an offer.

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