Instagram Connection Problem

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Kelly Layburn Kelly Layburn 12/19/2016 12:59
Hello, I have been trying to get my Givaway connected to my Instagram. It fails each time. I tried Firefox and Google Chrome browser and still no luck. I get the following error message: "There was a problem retrieving an access token from Instagram. Please try again... "
Paul Blum Paul Blum 12/19/2016 22:55
Thank you for reporting the issue. I have sent this to our developers. I will let you know as soon as we resolve the issue. Kind Regards, Paul
Sara Briggs Sara Briggs 12/20/2016 06:44
Same issue here...
Paul Blum Paul Blum 12/23/2016 10:12
Hello, We have fixed Instagram issue. Please reconnect your Instagram account. Thank you for your patience with this issue. We recognize your time is valuable and we sincerely apologize for the delay and inconvenience.
Kelly Layburn Kelly Layburn 12/23/2016 10:31
Thanks, I just connected to Instagram successfully. Thanks so much for fixing!
Paul Blum Paul Blum 12/23/2016 11:58
I am glad if this got resolved. I wish you happy holidays. Paul

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