The Products that were not sent.

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Donia Gonzales Copeland Donia Gonzales Copeland 12/01/2016 07:43
Please remove these. 4P4S-DJSVVM-EWXYC7, This one was done, but the Amazon would not show. ALONRATE, 3Q8F-UAHBJD-GTSWUP, 7KNZZX5J, 4BKF-4HDK24-L37NEP, 2W6T-LG9UEQ-9W5KC5, L2P3A3ZZ., RLKYCOZQ, 5FVP-D24A3Q-4SCS8E, 4R5A-6EV6WF-CU2AES,
Paul Blum Paul Blum 12/02/2016 02:29
Hi Donia, please contact the brands regarding your issue by sending them a message through our messaging system, business will be notified directly about the message. Go to “My Reviews” page and click on “Send message” button you can see on the right from the promotion you applied for. If they do not respond in next 7 days, contact us with the promotion reference id, or promotion link, so we could remove you.

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