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Sandra Stover Sandra Stover 11/26/2016 16:30
I have been a member since 10/04/2016 and have applied for many products, but as of now, I have not been approved for any. Am I doing something wrong?
Paul Blum Paul Blum 11/27/2016 02:21
Hi Sandra, Connect as much social network as you can, and try to increase number of followers on them. The first approval it the hardest, because brands are looking the verification percentage the most when they are approving reviewers, and you do not have verification percentage yet. Please just be persistent, once you get you first approval for promotion, the others will usually just follow.
Sandra Stover Sandra Stover 11/27/2016 04:57
Thanks Paul. I will keep trying, and add my social networks.
Paul Blum Paul Blum 11/27/2016 22:40
I hope that you get approved soon. Have a nice day, Paul
Alexis Guzman Alexis Guzman 05/31/2017 16:38
I just signed up an hour ago. Is there any crucial tips from the Veterans?
Tammy White Tammy White 07/17/2017 10:49
Hi, I have been reviewing on here for over a year and the best tip I can give anyone is: Promptly review the item with pictures, if possible and ask the company to rate you here on Giveaway, (they don't always do this!). Second is a tip for getting approved for an item: After applying for an item, message the company with a little info about yourself, this has never failed me. I just tell them I am a Amazon prime member and what social media I share on, also just a few nice words about how their product looks and that I look forward to being approved and reviewing it! (Go to Review section where it shows you have applied for the promotion and choose, "message" - this is where I leave a message to them. Hope this helps!
Arica Hutchins Arica Hutchins 11/25/2017 20:00
I influence over 4 thousand ppl on Twitter and Facebook not many but the higher the number the more the chance
Lisa Chesterman Lisa Chesterman 12/22/2017 16:49
Have you I still not been approved? I wound have left and taken the whole community with me by now!
Lisa Chesterman Lisa Chesterman 12/22/2017 16:51
It being a year and not having any reviews yet, I'm just saying, that is a long time to wait for nothing!
Paul Blum Paul Blum 12/23/2017 12:40
Hi Lisa, you have been approved for 9 promotion in the past year, and have not completed any task for them. They means they your verification percentage has dropped to 0, and you are not a reliable author. You can read more info about tasks verification on our blog Let me know if you have more questions.
Jeannie Pratt Jeannie Pratt 03/13/2018 13:41
I have been a member for quite some time as well as having all my social media accounts connected and still haven't been approved for anything. Not gotten to review one thing. I've tried it all. From messaging the seller to changing around my account profile. I feel like throwing in the towel.
Paul Blum Paul Blum 03/14/2018 00:13
Hi Jeannie, you have applied to the promotions mostly form two or three sellers form our website. They have a big number of applicants and they are picky. You are allowed to send them a message explaining them why they should pick you. Fist time is the hardest, after you get your first approval, it will get easier.
Tiffany Doran Tiffany Doran 03/27/2018 18:16
How do I connect my social media?
Paul Blum Paul Blum 03/27/2018 23:48
Hi, here is the page for connection social accounts

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