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Paul Blum Paul Blum 09/23/2016 05:57
Hello, everyone! Giveaway Service is considering to make "Hall of Fame" for authors and businesses. These lists would be visible to members of Giveaway Service and the purpose of it we would be to show who our best, most active, most appreciated authors and businesses are. It would also represent a review of the less valued members on which all of us would be able to see opinions and votes on irresponsible reviewers and businesses. This way, members would be able to upvote or downvote other members according their accomplishments. We are interested in hearing your ideas, so all of you are invited to participate in the discussion and share your ideas. We are looking forward to making this project something all of us are proud of. Giveaway Service tries to improve its services so all our members use it with a gladness and joy. What do you say? Kind regards, Miranda and Paul, Giveaway Service Rep Team.
Karly Beck Karly Beck 09/23/2016 06:06
I like this idea, I think it would be a good addition to the community. Would it be a badge type of system?
Paul Blum Paul Blum 09/23/2016 06:09
We are currently considering many options and ideas. One of them is a badge type system. What are your thoughts on it?
Andrew Wallenstein Andrew Wallenstein 09/23/2016 08:34
In general, I like the idea of a "Hall of Fame." The aspect of it that you mention that would allow members to upvote and downvote other members concerns me a bit if those that do not have relationships could upvote or downvote each other. Reviewers being able to upvote or downvote the companies they have worked with, and companies being able to upvote and downvote reviewers they have worked with are both fine, in my opinion. But if you allow companies to upvote and downvote each other, and allow reviewers to upvote and downvote each other you're just asking for the problem that exists now on Amazon with people being able to anonymously vote a review as "unhelpful." You already have a system that allows for reviewers to rate the companies they work with, and for the companies to rate the reviewers. Why not just build a hall of fame around what already exists? You could show companies that have the most ten-star comments left for them, and reviewers that have the most ten-star comments left for them, along with the number of those reviews. Implementing the Hall of Fame this way might also encourage more reviewers to leave reviews for the companies they deal with, and it might encourage more companies to leave reviews for their reviewers. Thanks for considering this idea, and my thoughts on it.
Heather Morecraft Heather Morecraft 09/23/2016 09:43
I agree with Andrew. I believe you would see some authors downvoting others to further their own scores. I've only had one business give me a rating and I actually had to ask them to do it. I post very thorough reviews and test the products well, so I can't really imagine that none of my reviews have been appreciated or well thought of. I think if this program would encourage businesses to rate the authors as well as authors to rate the businesses, it would be great. I know when I verify my reviews, the option to rate the business is very prominent and I get emails if I haven't done it. Is there the same sort of setup for the businesses on their account? If not, it would be very helpful I think. I feel uncomfortable asking every seller to rate me after a review. Thanks for conitnuing to work to make this site even better!
Dawn Hardin Dawn Hardin 09/23/2016 09:51
I love this idea because most of the people we review don't rate us and so, therefore it kinda hurts when applying for new companies! I know I spend a lot of time and energy with Giveaway and I feel like new companies may look at our ratings even though our verification is 100 percent I think this would make a 100 percent difference for the better!
Lisa West Evans Lisa West Evans 09/23/2016 10:46
I like the idea of the company giving the author a rating, and agree with Dawn ,that I don't often see feedback regarding our reviews. I sometimes check out other reviewers, just because I like to see how others go about explaining that they are doing this at a discount, or look at ones that have not so high stars, and see how they "put" the information in the review there for the public to see. I don't have many low stars, but when they are low, I make them low. I do try to be explicit however so that they aren't just random, and someone understands exactly why I didn't like it, just the same as when they are positive reviews. I think it's usually difficult to rate a company, unless you've really had any communication with them. If the product is sent quickly it's because I have prime (smile). I like the idea of a hall of fame though, even though Im sure my reviews wouldn't land at the top, as I've seen very thorough reviews, and mine tend to try to reach the average Joe. I always like the idea of showing people how much you like something, and appreciation is the fondest form of flattery, so I'm all for it!! :)
Amanda Schwantes Amanda Schwantes 09/23/2016 11:06
I think asking businesses to positively rate the top 20% (or so) of their reviews on each product would increase product rating and promote well written reviews. I agree, a lot of businesses do not rate at all. Although, I have seen businesses positively rate not-well-written reviews, as well. There was a promotion I got a positive review for and was very excited. Only to see, that the business had positively reviewed everyone, even the 10 word reviews. That was a bit discouraging!! As far as rating businesses, I only rate a business if I have had some form of communication with them. I agree with above, if I get the product in two days, that was thanks to prime. As far as down-voting, I agree in a perfect world this may work. However, not in the one we live in. It is well known on amazon that top reviewers purposely get down rated by other top-reviewers ( I am talking top 100 or so) just out of spite. That is probably what it would come to. It would also get hurtful and defensive very quickly, regardless of the quality of the review. Positive reinforcement would work much better, in my opinion.
Emmy Hernandez Emmy Hernandez 09/23/2016 12:39
Very interesting! Would we be able to see who left us the upvote or downvote? I also agree with Andrew! I'm concerned about other members down-voting me for no reason. I also wanted to mention that I think having badges would be an awesome idea for this site! You don't offer any badges to reviewers or businesses at the moment and I think It's exciting to have badges! Great way to show business and other reviewers who the best is, who the top 10% of users are, who the top active users are, Hall of Fame badge... Etc.. The list is endless.. You can make all kinds of badges for Reviewers and for Businesses! :)
Paul Blum Paul Blum 09/24/2016 03:32
We'd like to thank everyone for the input so far. We will take your suggestions into consideration. Feel free to continue sharing ideas on this or other topics. Kind regards, Miranda.
Etta Ashley Etta Ashley 09/28/2016 07:48
Like this idea
Wendy Bramer Wendy Bramer 10/04/2016 09:53
I agree that having other reviewers up & down vote us would most likely be a mess. I do however like there being a badge system of some sort. I think this would help sellers look for the responsible reviewers who go above and beyond with their reviews. I think the badges have to be thought out carefully though. If you get a badge for say completing 20 reviews, some will just rush to complete with less detail.I see so many reviews that are a repeat of the original advertisement. I also would like a system implemented where the seller has to rate their reviewers better. Even if there were a check box system of say 1. Exceptional detailed review 2. Above Average review 3. Needs more detail etc. Looks like some great things are in the works!
Paul Blum Paul Blum 10/05/2016 00:24
Dear Wendy, thank you for sharing your opinion with the community. It is highly appreciated. Kind regards, Miranda
Elisha Rogers Elisha Rogers 10/05/2016 05:34
I have a question, being that I am a bit of a newbie. How does the rating system work on a profile? On my profile it says my rating is n/a. Amy help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. Elisha
Paul Blum Paul Blum 10/05/2016 05:57
Dear Elisha, Instructions are shown here: https://www.giveawayservice.com/blog/how-to-rate-businesses-authors- Rating is not mandatory, but it is beneficial for both parties. You can send messages to businesses you cooperated with to remind them to rate you. Thank you for using our services. In case you have any questions, feel free to ask. Kind regards, Miranda
Pedro Nunez Pedro Nunez 01/23/2019 18:50
It will be helpfull if You remove the sellers that request your email or Your paypal account or those that do not comply with Your terms of service.
Paul Blum Paul Blum 01/24/2019 00:38
Hi, which seller are asking for your Your PayPal email?
Pedro Nunez Pedro Nunez 01/24/2019 08:33
I do not remember, it was long time ago.

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