Business changed the amount of a product on purpose.

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Emmy Hernandez Emmy Hernandez 09/21/2016 17:50
I tried getting this as soon as the business sent me the code. Reference ID: e2d2x1t5 When I got on Amazon the code was only for $7.00 off which made the product $6.99 and that's not what it is supposed to be. I Was supposed to get the product for $1.39 Then I messaged the business asking them for another code because this one was wrong and this is exactly what the business messaged me back just now. Please remove me from this. I don't like businesses doing this to me or anybody. IT's not fair. Thank you. Hi Emmy I'm really very sorry for that all of the code which discounted price $1.39 have already sent out. But there is still so much people love the product, so i make some new code which discouted price $6.99. Hope you can forgive me, and I'll first conside to send the best discount code to you next time . Sincerely Frankli
Amanda Kim Amanda Kim 09/21/2016 20:15
I got the same one!
Emmy Hernandez Emmy Hernandez 09/21/2016 20:27
I hope Paul will fix this matter.. It's not fair when businesses do that to us!
Paul Blum Paul Blum 09/21/2016 23:57
Hello everyone. We paused this promotion for now. The business in question was informed and your status is "Rejected" for now. We'll be in touch. Thank you for your patience. Kind regards, Miranda.
Emmy Hernandez Emmy Hernandez 09/22/2016 00:01
Thank you Miranda
Tammy White Tammy White 09/22/2016 09:57
Me too, all the same experience with this company, supposed to be $1.39
Paul Blum Paul Blum 09/22/2016 23:41
Hello everyone, all authors have been removed from Promotion Reference ID: e2d2x1t5. Thank you for your patience. Regards, Miranda.

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