Why aren't expired items removed from the website?

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Evelyn Lugo Evelyn Lugo 09/14/2016 18:19
I keep seeing expired items all over the categories. For example, the Pets section is 100% all expired items? Can you please just remove these items so they don't clog up the search pages? Thanks.
Andrew Wallenstein Andrew Wallenstein 09/14/2016 22:12
I would hate to see Giveaway Service remove expired items. There is no reason to "lose" information. It is easy enough to ignore expired items. If Giveaway Service does improve the search capabilities, as you requested in another comment, to allow searching by price, they could simply add a check box for "exclude expired items." Getting rid of the information entirely, though, just because it is, as you say, cluttering up searches, would be, in my opinion, a terrible idea.
Paul Blum Paul Blum 09/14/2016 23:32
Hello everyone, thank you for your input. All active promotions are always shown first. We will consider your suggestions. Kind regards, Miranda.

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